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25 Things You Should Do To Make Your 2018 Christmas Memorable!

25 Things You Should Do To Make Your 2018 Christmas Memorable!

It’s less than a week to 2018 Christmas! The Christmas period is usually a time of so much joy and celebrations. It’s that season of the year everyone looks forward to. However, more often than not; it’s also time when people are stressed the most financially; for obvious reasons. There are expectations from family, friends, […]

Women Making It Better For Others…Thandiwrap!

On my daily travels I come across so many men and women making incredible contributions to the well being and lives of others. Sometimes what they do is not recognised or validated because it doesn’t come with much fanfare. In these times of grandiosity, modesty is often ignored; even jeered at and other forms of […]

Be Careful Of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes!

Be Careful Of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes!

About 13 years ago, a friend excitedly told me about an Investment opportunity that would triple my money within a few weeks. He said he had seen some people who invested their funds in that scheme and had collected about 4 times of what they put there and that he was going to put in […]

Curbing The Tide of Violent Extremism Needs Women’s Voices and Inclusion

On 23 May 2017, the city of Marawi, Philippines, a bustling city In the southern island of Mindanao , was taken over by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS)-aligned forces. The ensuing five-month-long armed conflict displaced nearly 400,000 people from the area. The siege had devastating and lasting consequences for the community, […]

MAKING THINGS BETTER: It’s Okay To Feel Excited!

Reading the papers every day, reading the exchange of comments on social media, and indeed listening to the news, I think it would be fair to suggest that the bulk of information around is negative and predicting further gloom and doom. This is perfectly understandable based on all the various occurrences taking place around the […]

Setting The Right Financial Goals

Setting The Right Financial Goals

Hello Friend! It’s that time of the year where everyone starts to think about the New Year (hopefully) and set goals. Two years ago; 2016 to be precise, I set out with a goal of publishing 4 books for that year; 1 per quarter. At the end of the year, I ended up with 3 books […]

MAKING IT BETTER: My Own Personal Rant!(3)

As I left the shores of the mother land, our great nation, full of hope and determination, thinking about how at the end of the day regardless of any other nationality I may be able to claim, Nigeria is my true home and the only country I can truly say is mine; I was given […]

The World of SAVINGS!

A lot of times, we are encouraged to save. Finance experts, books, sermons, finance groups teach the importance of saving money, but how come people still struggle with saving money successfully? Savings is simply putting money aside from your income on a regular basis. It is income not spent. The rule of thumb is that […]

Thinking Through The 50,000 Naira Debate

Whoever started the online conversation asking ladies not to marry a man earning 50,000 Naira as salary per month must have called for the wrath of many while also enjoying the support of some who could make sense out of his or her argument.  Yours truly is neutral! I have read many arguments for and […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Speaking My Truth!

In this column, every so often I started writing a section called ‘my own personal rant’ (which was warmly received…thank you very much) I would like to add another section I am calling ‘speaking my truth’ that is making its debut today. During this bizarre Trump era, we have heard of alternative facts, we are […]