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MAKING IT BETTER: What’s On My Mind?

I have a mixed bag of thoughts so I decided to put them all in the mix and share them with you. Hopefully one or two will resonate with someone. Well I will start with the elephant in the room, the elections! All done and dusted right? INEC and some others are celebrating a peaceful […]

MAKING IT BETTER: When Do You Know It’s Time To End a Friendship?

Over the years I have received many letters from mostly women describing the betrayal of one friend or another, or of a relationship that feels one sided, or of someone feeling like she is being taken advantage of by someone she thought was a friend. In all these letters the one theme that stood out […]

PAYE versus SAYE

PAYE versus SAYE

Ever heard of P.A.Y.E before? I bet you have! It’s an acronym for “Pay As You Earn”; a tax deducted at source by employers from employees before their salaries get to them eventually. You don’t even get to see or touch the money, it’s taken right from source. Has it ever occurred to you that more than […]

When You Truly Start Counting Your Blessings, Your Whole World Will Turn Around!

Nothing stays the same, everything must change, what goes up must come down, night will turn to day, glass half full rather than half empty and so on. These are all clichés we hear all the time which after a while don’t really mean anything to us; but they are there for a reason. They […]

The Long Term Devastating Effects of Sexual Abuse Young Survivors

Over the past few years there have been numerous stories, articles, revelations of rapes, and other sexual abuses on very young girls. This trend continues unabated.  It has almost begun to feel uncomfortably and perversely as if it is the norm and as with other forms of violence against women, that it is just the […]

The Onnoghen Case and Other Stories

I find it incredulous that a ruling government that seeks a second term in office and about which doubts have been expressed with regard to its performance, the competence of its officials and the quality of its service delivery would embark on a series of self-immolating adventures that can only further alienate it from the […]

Women’s Meaningful Participation in Peace – Where Are The Barriers And What Can Be Done?

Building and sustaining peace needs women’s voice and leadership. When women are included in peace processes, peace agreements are more likely to last for 15 years or more. Yet, just two years shy of the 20th anniversary of the UN Security Council resolution 1325, which placed women’s meaningful participation at the heart of peacebuilding, conflict […]

The Many Sufferings Of A Firstborn

The Many Sufferings Of A Firstborn

Before his/her arrival, most couple are in high expectations, with any little delay in getting pregnant raising anxiety. At the sight of the protruding belly, friends, families, relatives and colleagues are happy. After 9 months when the bundle of joy finally gets here the joy of everyone related to the couple will be full as […]

MAKING IT BETTER : The Psychology Behind Women Blaming And Shaming Other Women

MAKING IT BETTER : The Psychology Behind Women Blaming And Shaming Other Women

‘Woman’s lip bitten off by the girlfriend of the man who gave her a free ride’; that was the headline to a recent story in one of the dailies. It immediately made me think of the numerous stories in the papers, on the radio, on TV reality shows, real life crime stories and one of […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Prioritising Your Mental Health in 2019

I am focussing on mental health in a direct way at this time for a few reasons. As we enter into the New year and a more manic period with the impending presidential elections, there are already signs that it will not be without some casualties, which will cover a wide spectrum. In addition to […]