Financial Literacy Is Key

By Sola Adesakin

Get Financially Literate As Fast As You Can!
I talk to a lot of people and each time we try to dissect the reason for their financial issues, they are quick to attribute it to a spiritual attack.  I am not too surprised, because many years ago, I concluded I had some spiritual problems regarding my finances and which only prayers could solve. Reason being that I was earning so well, but would get so broke soon and live on IOUs till the month ended.

money woman
Being a Chartered Accountant didn’t make a difference!  I was Chartered, but my finances were scattered and all over the place and I lived a very miserable financial life.
In retrospect, I realized my biggest problem was Financial Illiteracy! 

You see, we all go to school to learn how to become professionals who would go on to get jobs( and perhaps start businesses), but we were not taught how to manage our finances; hence being educationally literate doesn’t amount to being financially literate!

Financial illiteracy is what makes people take the dumbest financial decisions ever.
Lack of long-term thinking(or even short term thinking), not saving and consuming all one makes per time, not thinking of the benefits of making your  money work for you, spending only on  things that would not fetch you money back, incurring expenses and not assets and many other things such as those described above.

But you see, just like you went to school for a few years to get educated, you can choose to get financially literate, and that should be a long-term and continuous commitment.
Financial Education opens up your understanding and helps you take apt financial decisions per time.  It gives you a better advantage over others and would help you get to your financial freedom destination faster!

Save frequently,do not spend all you earn
Invest regularly
Budget your funds
Plan your spending
Think About retirement
Understand the dynamics of making, managing and multiplying your wealth.

These are some of the things financial literacy would offer you.

Please Ensure Getting Financial Literate is one of your top goals for 2019!

You can check out the Smart Stewards Academy ( for an array of courses that offer solid personal financial courses and I strongly recommend you gift yourself or your friend with my 3-Month Personal Finance Makeover Course to set you on the right track for 2019.

Read Books!

Please get a copy of my latest book 40 FRUGAL RULES FOR YOUR JOURNEY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM” at

This is a Practical, Pragmatic, Real, Simple and Easy to Apply book that teaches solid nuggets on Personal finance. I poured my heart into it and there are a lot of my dirty linen washed outside in it.
But you know what? That was then; when I had no clue about my finances!

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I can’t wait to read about your financial testimonials soon.



Sola Adesakin is an experienced and versatile Chartered Accountant with about 16 years hands-on experience on Personal and SME finance. She is a Personal Finance Coach, Author of 5 books and a Conference/Seminar Speaker.

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