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Winning spiritual warfare with the sword of the Spirit

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Saturday, April 8th, 2023
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By Princess Arira

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us, and we beheld Him as the only begotten Son of God. This Word that is God is Christ; We all know that and there was nothing that was made without Him. All things were made by Him and this Word is the ultimate divine sound. How is Christ is the Word? Many don’t understand why Jesus Christ is called the Word. What comes to the mind of people is just scriptures in the Bible. Jesus Christ is not the scriptures in your Bible. The scriptures are just products of the Word, but the scriptures in your Bible are not the Word. What then is the Word? The Word is the ultimate divine sound of God by which and through which the creations were made. This Word lives in the bosom, in the belly of God the Father. Whenever anything is to be made, this Word manifests as sound to project whatever is to be made into manifestations. This Word is also Jesus Christ.

From the scriptures, it is also revealed that Jesus Christ has been hidden in the bosom of the Father before the foundations of the world and this is why when Jesus came to the earth, He said I and my Father are one; Because in reality, the pre-incarnate existence of Jesus Christ was in the bosom of God the Father, in an ever intimate union with Him. So the reality of a son of God is that He is inside God, He is hidden in God and God lives in Him. This is the intimate reality of a son of God. A son of God creates with his words. You are just to speak and see it manifest but there is a way it happens. Supernatural creation happens through divine partnership with the Godhead. All things were made by the Word but without the other parties in the Godhead this won’t have been possible. Christ releases the divine sound through which the creation manifests but the other parties in the Godhead have their functions in the drama of creation.

God the Father has to imagine and decide on what is to be created. It was God the Father that said, let us make man in our own image. He is the one who says, let us do this or let us do that; Then the Holy Spirit comes on the scene to energize the atmosphere for creation and then the Word speaks or releases the divine sound that activates and gives the go ahead for the process of that creation to start. This gives the go ahead for the Holy Spirit to make or create whatever this divine sound projects. This is how the Trinity in the Godhead partner and operate in the creation story.

If you read in the book of Genesis chapter 1, you will see that before the divine sound was released, the Holy Spirit was seen on the scene vibrating His divine energy, hovering over the empty space. After which the Word was released which resulted in the manifestation of whatever is to be created. This is a divine craft scenario which every son of God must master if you want to work in the miraculous ability of creation in your life. All creations start with a thought or imagination or a picture in your mind. This is what God the Father does, then the presence of the Holy Spirit must be strong around you after which a divine inspired word will be spoken through you which activates to bring divine manifestation.

You need to know that there is only one spirit in you and that is the Holy Spirit. This is the Spirit of the Godhead that has been sent to live in us. Jesus Christ is a man, He doesn’t live in you. God the Father doesn’t live in you too. It is the Holy Spirit that lives in you, but this is a mystery. The Trinity are One. God the Father is one with His Son Jesus Christ and one with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is also referred to as the Divine mother by some ancient mystics which is actually the truth. So these three are one. How are they one? It is through their union. It is this same mystery that exists in marriage; When a man marries a woman, they are spiritually joined together and they become one. Physically, you can see two people but they are one in heart which means through the man you can get to the woman and through the woman you can get to the man and this is why it was easy for Adam to eat out of the forbidden tree after Eve ate it because of this oneness.

The Trinity have this oneness which means you can get to the others through anyone of the three. If you know Jesus Christ, you will get to know God the Father and the Holy Spirit. If you know the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ will be revealed to you and God the Father will be revealed to you as well and this is why Jesus Christ said, I will send another one just like me to you when He was referring to the Holy Spirit, who is referred to as the comforter. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ and the Spirit of God the Father. So they have this connectedness and oneness. You can access Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and you can access God the Father through the Holy Spirit. So with the Holy Spirit living in you, you can access the Word and God the Father in you. So it is still right with this understanding to say that Jesus Christ lives in you or God the Father lives in you.

You can’t live the life of a Christman without constant Communion and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. It is not possible! Because it is with the Holy Spirit that the power to live the Christian life is hidden and this is why those who walk intimately with the Holy Spirit walked with such immense power. This is because it is the Holy Spirit that lives in you, not Jesus. Jesus Christ handed the work to the Holy Spirit to continue it in us while He ascended into the celestial realms. So in reality you can’t know Jesus Christ or God the Father without the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of truth and the Spirit of Revelation that reveals all things to you.

So constant communion with the Holy Spirit will activate the flow of the rivers of the divine life through you and it is only when this river of divine life is flowing through you that the atmosphere around you can be charged with the Divine life power. It is when you are in constant communion with the Holy Spirit that the glory atmosphere will be charged up around you, vibrating with the Divine light. Constant praying in the Spirit or praying in tongues also charges you up with the divine life energy. 

These exercises are to be constant in your life if you want to walk in the miraculous. When they are constant, you will be charged up with the Divine life energy and when you speak the word that you desire to see manifests in your life, you will easily see it’s manifestation. This is the secret behind divine manifestation.

Bible references.,John 1:1,14, 10:30,  Acts 1:8, John 16:1-33, Jude 1:20.

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