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The Word Of God

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Sunday, February 5th, 2023
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By Princess Arira

As a believer, there is no substitute to the word of God. Every child of God’s main responsibility is the word of God. The word of the Lord is not common, you must search for it diligently. Memorizing scriptures is different from searching the word. You must eat the word because it is the digested word that becomes power to you. One of the effects of the word is that it sharpens your taste bud. That is, when you find the word and eat it, your taste of good and bad will be sharpened. The word becomes the source of your joy, it means the word makes you rejoice. The word then begins to motivate you. 

The word of God that you have not digested, you can’t use. You have not digested the word hence authority is not beckoned. The letter is common but the word is scarce, you get the word from the letter, which is the bible. What transports the word is the spirit of the word, that is, brooding of the Holyghost. You begin to brood words out of the letter. The process of converting letter to word is “BROODING”.

The word doesn’t just come to you, there is a need for you to use your time to search for it. Finding the word requires diligent devotion and time. Before the word can fraternize with you. You must know God, and that must take your time. The word must be your uttermost priority, if you don’t desire the word most, it won’t come to you.

The amount of the word of God that comes to you is directly proportional to the amount of the word that you desire. The man that have not handled the word have not handled God.
Nothing has the power to renew the mind but the word, the word alone can caliberate your heart. It is the word you find that becomes sword in your spirit, you fight with the word. The word distinguishes what is spiritual and what is not, the only thing that has power over the mind is the word. A man that doesn’t bring his life under the scrutinization of the word cannot make progress in the kingdom, you can’t find what you have not made your uttermost priority. 

The word of God is consumable in form of milk and meat. For you to grow, you must go on the elementary of the word. Milk is the first principle of the Oracle of God. What the word of God will do to you is to give you a taste of what is good and bad, every man  that consumes the word of God consumes righteousness. Consuming the milk and meat will give you nutrients that will enhance your growth as a believer.
The end products of consuming the word is righteousness.

There are basically four nutrients that you get from consuming the word of God., Viz Doctrine, Reproof, Correction and Instruction in Righteousness. When a man doesn’t have these four nutrients he cannot grow. Only the word of God makes you grow as a believer.

Bible references.,Jer 15:16, Psm 34:8, 2Tim 2:15,  Job 6:30, Psm 19:9-10, 1Pet 2:2, 2Tim 3:16.

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