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God’s Heart Revealed

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Friday, January 13th, 2023
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By Princess Arira

How do you know it is God’s will to heal you? Just look at what Jesus did during His earthly ministry. When we look at Jesus, we see our heavenly Father’s heart for us, for Jesus said that anyone who has seen Him has seen the Father. Throughout the Gospels, what do we see Jesus tirelessly doing? And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people. Then His fame went throughout all Syria; and they brought to Him all sick people who were afflicted with various diseases and torments, and those who were demon-possessed, epileptics, and paralytics; and He healed them.

Then great multitudes came to Him, having with them the lame, blind, mute, maimed, and many others; and they laid them down at Jesus’ feet, and He healed them. When the sun was setting, all those who had any that were sick with various diseases brought them to Him; and He laid His hands on every one of them and healed them.

Over and over again, the Bible records how our Lord Jesus “went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil”. He caused the lame to walk and the blind to see. He unstopped deaf ears. He cleansed people with leprosy. He even raised the dead.
And do you know what our Lord Jesus said about all that He did? He said, “The words I say to you I do not say on My own initiative or authority, but the Father, abiding continually in Me, does His works. His attesting miracles and acts of power. Everything Jesus did in the bible, he gave the glory to His Father. Jesus is the express image of God, in character,  ethos and display of power.
Jesus said it was the Father who worked (through Him) wonderful healing miracles everywhere He went. Can you see that it is truly your heavenly Father’s desire for you to be completely healed of every disease? God’s heart is fully revealed in Jesus, He is the flawless expression of God.

Bible references.,John 14:9-10, Mat 4:23-24, Acts 10:28, Heb 1:3.

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