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How to Fulfil Your Calling

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Saturday, December 10th, 2022
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By Princess Arira

Your calling in Christ is those things you have been designed to fulfil with your life in the heavenly scrolls and plans of God. They are those things you are being called to fulfil in the master plan of God. For every individual in the earth realm there’s a divine calling which must be fulfilled in the agenda of God. There’s no one born without purpose and calling. When I say calling, I don’t just mean the pulpit ministry. Your calling can be anything in God’s mind for you to fulfil. Every man came from God through Adam. God created Adam and Eve and blessed them to multiply. Adam was given a divine assignment to dominate the earth realm and multiply in it. He was given authority over the earth before he lost it to Satan, once called Lucifer. So by God’s original design, every man that comes through Adam is to inherit this mandate of dominating and multiplying in the earth realm. But something happened.

Adam lost the mandate that was given him through the sin of disobedience. His authority to dominate was transferred to the Devil. Before, Adam was the god over the earth realm. But he cheaply gave it to Satan. Satan became the god of this world. Adam lost the authority over the earth realm and he began to suffer. Before Adam has authority over nature, the animals and everything in it. But he lost it. The plans of God were thwarted. But God couldn’t be stranded. God had a plan B and that was to restore through Jesus Christ what man lost.

God’s purpose, intent and plans for man are to reign in life. To live like gods in the earthly realm. God’s ultimate plan for man is to dominate in the earth realm. And dominion has to do with being in total control every sphere of the earth realm and in the spirit realm and being a master over it. So Dominion and kingship is God’s ultimate plan for man. Adam lost it. The second Adam, Jesus Christ came to redeem us back to the original plan.

So the general and first ultimate call of every man is to bring the Dominion of God’s Kingdom over this earth realm.That is the calling of every man.You are born to be a great Star, to be in control. You are born to be a Royal Priest. You are born to be a king and a priest. An unbeliever, cannot fulfil this general purpose or calling of God because outside Christ you are in Adam, the fallen state.
Every man came from Adam. But when you receive the life of Christ and believe in His redemptive work on the cross, something happened in the spirit realm, you are instantly transferred and joined to another race in the spirit. This is the race of Christ or the family of Christ kingdom. So you are transferred from the race of Adam to the race of divinity and eternal life which is the race of Christ.  When you receive eternal life and believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

You can’t fulfil God’s purpose on your own. You are to fully rely on the power and the leading of God’s Spirit to fulfil. And it is step by step. Phase by phase.Jesus never went into ministry until He knew it is time. And whatever He sees and hear from God He did. Following divine directions is a great and paramount key to fulfilling your call in Christ and another very important factor is the power of God’s Spirit. You can’t fulfil God’s purpose without this. So to fulfil your calling in Christ you need the power of God’s Spirit. 

No matter what the calling is. It will make you an outstanding success and champion. And you are empowered to fulfil your calling in the place of intimacy with the Holy Spirit, intimacy with the Holy Spirit is the place of empowerment to fulfil your calling. You also need God’s wisdom. You can’t fulfil God’s calling without His wisdom. You must know His ways and His way of doing things. You must know how to think and act like Him and you can only be filled with His wisdom to the extent that you are filled with His words. 

In summary, four things are required to fulfil your calling in Christ1. By knowing what God is calling you to fulfil in His master plan.2. By following divine directions.3. By staying in the place of divine empowerment, the place of intimacy with the Holy Spirit and this has to be consistent.4. By being filled with God’s wisdom, His words.

Bible references.,Gen1:26, Rom 5:17, 1Pet2:9, Rev1:6, Zec4:6, Acts1:8.

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