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25 Foods to Avoid in Your Weight-loss Journey

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Saturday, September 24th, 2022
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By Janet Adeyemo

Weight loss refers to a  decrease in body weight, resulting from either voluntary or involuntary circumstances.

Voluntary circumstances includes dieting or exercising. Involuntary circumstances may include sickness or stress.

The basic point to understand when discussing weight loss, is the fact that a person looses weight.

Apart from vanity flare and the flow with contemporary fashion, weight loss is medically advised, especially when a person suffers from obesity or has a poor feeding lifestyle which has the tendency of affecting the body, negatively.

A person can choose to reduce the body’s weight for personal reasons, which includes the need to feel comfortable in their skin. That we should not look skinny and hungry, does not imply that we look obsessed and too big to left our bodies due to fat.

You may be steps away from having your dream physique, if you plunge to the information being shared, here.

25 Foods To Avoid, In Your Weight Loss Journey Includes:

1) PROCESSED MEAT: Sausages, beef and canned meats, are processed meats.

They lack fiber, protein and other vitamins. To much intake can terminate a person’s weight loss journey.

2) WHITE RICE: White rice is a common food around the world and can be prepared using various recipes, to produced desired meals.

A cup of white rice, contains 200 calories when compared to brown rice.

White rice is stripped of its vitamins and minerals, during refinement. It can be replaced with unprocessed brown rice.

3) SUGARY BEVERAGES: Sugary beverages contain sweetened sugar. A typical can of sugary beverage, contains 7 to 10 tablespoons of sugar.

What an intake!

This must be reduced, if your weight loss goal must be achieved.

4) POTATO CHIPS: Potato chips contain extra flavouring, addictive and sugar.

A bag of potato chips is high in trans fat, which can lead to obesity, heart diseases and diabetes.

You can substitute potato chips for celery and apple slices.

5) CHOCOLATE BARS: Dark chocolates are nutritious to the body while milk  chocolates are not.

Milk chocolates are  packed with calories, sugar and low nutrient.

6) DIET SODA: How can something have ‘diet’ in its name and be referred to as a ticket to gaining weight?

The truth is, a product having low calories, does not equate low sugar content. Artificial and refined sugar causes weight gain.

Drinking zero calories, sweetened drinks confuses the body because it expects the calories that are not there, this causes the body to in increase insulin and sugar level, leading to fat storage and can lead to  weight gain.

7) FRENCH FRIES: French fries, a food made with potatoes and deep fried oil, is a gateway to obesity.

A typical helping of french fries contains about 427 calories. Interestingly,  it is often taken with other junk foods like ketchup and melted cheese, it increases tbs risk of overeating.

8) WHIPPED CREAM: Most desert, do not feel complete without a dollop of whipped cream.

2 table spoons of whipped cream contains 100 calories and 10 grams of fat, which can aid weight gain.

9) RED MEATS: Pork, beef and lamb are sources of protein but their high iron content, decreases the release of certain hormones in the brain which leaves you with a monster appetite.

Excess intake of red meats can lead to heart disease and weight gain.

10) FRIED CHICKEN: When chicken is fired, it becomes dense in calories as it loses water and absorb oil.

Excessive intake must be cautioned.

11) PEANUT BUTTER: 2 tablespoons of peanut butter contains 190 calories, as it is high in calories and butter.

When excessively taken with bread, it paves way for weight gain.

12) REFINED PASTA: Whole grain pasta is a good choice for a healthy diet but not same for refined pasta.

Refined pasta lacks nutrient and fiber, it should not be taken excessively.

13) JAM: Jam is made by simmering fruits in high calories sugar and zero fiber. This process makes it dense with glucose and can lead to weight gain.

Replace it with freshly cut fruit toppings or some other organic spread.

14) PIE: Most ingredients that form a pie, can cause weight gain.

Pie crust and other baked foods contain gross amount of trans fat and saturated fat.

They are can be harmful to the natural nutritional value of your body.

15) CREAM CHEESE: Cream cheese is made from cream and milk.

Although it is a source of Vitamin A, the cons outweigh the Pros.

2 tablespoon of cream cheese, equates 100 calories and 9 grams of fat.

16) SAVORY SAUCES: Barbecue sauce, ketchup, ranch, classic mayonnaise etc contain high amount of calories and fat.

In as much as they appeal to your taste buds, do not ingest them, excessively.

17) ENERGY DRINKS: Energy drinks have zero nutrient to the body. They are high in calories and sugar, often taken by sport men.

Be cautious with your intake.

18) COFFEE CREAMER: Coffee itself, is rich in nutrient. The coffee creamer once added, waters down the nutrient in the coffee.

The coffee creamer, contains fat and emulsifiers that cause digestive issues.

19) PANCAKES: Today, pancake is an easy to make meal in many homes. Taking in piles of pancakes, topped with sugary liquid may be harmful, if excessively taken.

Pan cake lacks fiber and are high in calories, fat and sugar.

Excessive intake can lead to weight gain.

20) GRANOLA: Granola  has gained exponential popularity as a healty snack alternative, packed with natural energy ingredients 

Some contain around 4 table spoons of sugar in every helping.

Take in small amount.

21) ALCOHOL: The intake of alcohol, particularly in large amounts, causes weight gain and certain health problems. Avoid this.

It also stops the body from burning fats.

Alcoholic drinks may vary in their amounts of fats but they are equally harmful.

22) ICE CREAM: Excess intake of ice cream should not be encouraged.

Ice cream is made with heavy cream, sugar and incredibly dense in fat. A cup of vanilla ice cream can contain 14 grams of fats.

If you find it difficult to keep off from this  food, try taking it as an occasional treat.

23) BURGERS: One cheese burger contains around 300 calories, high sodium and unhealthy fat, cooked in unhealthy oil.

Too much intake of this, is a call for weight gain.

24) CANDY BARS: A regular intake of candy bars, calls for concern. It adds a lot of unhealthy nutrient to the body, like fats and sugar.

Too much sugar, in whatever form, can cause dental cavities, weight gain and an increase in cholesterol.

Take in candies that have no saturated fat.

25) TAKEAWAY PIZZA: From the dough to the toppings, there is a call to weight gain.

The dough is refined and contains heavy carbs, topped with fats like cheese and unhealthy sauces, containing trans fat.

Beware of too much intake of these kinds of pizza.

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