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The Operational Dimensions Of The devil (Enemy) On The Remnants

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Monday, September 12th, 2022
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By Princess Arira

The remnants are those that have been saved by Christ, they are the ones that have accepted and believed in the sacrifice and finished works of Jesus., Which is Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. The enemy of the Church’s remnant is hell, and hell is a place specifically made for the devil alone but people who have failed to follow Christ and believe in His works shall also end up in hell with the devil.

When the devil sees a remnant he recognizes it. The devil wants to destroy everything believer but he will bring it in a subtle way till he gets you. The devil will make you start cravings for something and you will think it’s just an ordinary craving, and gradually the devil starts to minify thing before you to win you over.

The devil wants to attack everything that can hinder him from winning you over., he wants to attack everything that makes you stand out as a believer in other to render you powerless and annihilate you. The enemy like to attack/target the believer’s

1. Fortification:-  Every believer in Christ is fortitude with the Holy spirit on their inside but the devil will tamper with the fire in you and make you powerless so that he can have you.
2. Sacrifice:- A believer’s sacrifice is joined with his/her altar. The enemy will make you feeble and you start giving excuses for your inability to do those things that you have been doing for God with ease before.
3. Revival:- The enemy targets your revival because he is afraid of your revival. he sure knows that revival leads to liberation, he doesn’t want you to be free. he wants you to forever be in bondage and grovel all the days of your life.

The devil has different strategy he uses to win people over. The devil will minify his work in your life till he gradually win you over, the attack of the enemy grows in association and they do that by unity. The devil can’t accomplish his mission himself, so he uses men to execute his plans.
 The devil first sizes your backup which is the fire and power in you, if he finds it faulty and very weak, he then execute his plans. The enemy has a specific target, and that is the believer. The believer is an enemy of the devil same way the devil is also the only enemy of the believer.

Bible references.,1Cor15:1-4,  Neh 2:1-2, 4:7-15, Isa 8:9-10,1Pet 5:8-9.

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