How to have divine encounters with God

By Princess Arira

The heart or soul of man is the gateway that determines the experience of a man in life. What you do or what happens to you will largely be determined by your thoughts and your words. Your dominant thoughts largely determine your heart posture and the state and quality of your mind and this is why the scripture says as a man thinks in his heart so is he. The state and quality of your mind determines the words you speak and your behavior or attitude. Your behavior and attitude determine what your life will bring to you and what you will experience. This is on the surface level.

There are subtle levels to how the future is being formed which determine your experience in life and you having the understanding and consciousness that life is far beyond the physical realm will greatly help you. The invisible realm is like a force that forms and shapes physical realities. The physical realm is in a constant state of flux and change because there are constant numerous activities in the spirit realm that are causing the constant flux in the physical realm. Realities and experience in the physical world can be bent or manipulated by invisible forces.When you understand that you can determine your experience in life, then it is left for you to know how to do so.

Reading and studying your Bible is very important but there is more to it. Let me give you an illustration. If there are 24 hours in a day and you use just one hour to read and study your Bible and the remaining hours, you use to do other things, many of which do not help increase your consciousness about God or your Christ reality. Going about the percentages, you will see that you spent a way larger percentage of time on and with the physical realm and this forms your dominant thoughts, and this forms your words and attitude and character and then your experience.

To experience God and the realities of God in your life which will make you live a richer life, you need to change the tide of what you spend the major part of your time interacting with. What you spend the most time interacting with in your 24 hour day, cumulatively will determine your experience in life in the process of time. This is why reading and listening to teachings is very important because it helps challenge you and keeps your God consciousness charged up, but it’s important we don’t stop there but also practicing what we learn on a daily basis. The main work is on your heart: You make progress spiritually by shining the light of God on your heart. The more you shine the light of God on your heart, the easier it will be to experience God. 

Let me talk about shining the light of God on your soul. When you shine the light of God on your soul, the impurities in your soul will be flooded out with time. When the Bible says, blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God and the purer your soul is, the easier it will be to see God or to experience Him. It means blessed are the pure in heart for they shall experience God; Seeing is experiencing. The more the things of God you experience, the more you see and understand Him and the more you get intimate with Him. You can see the physical realm, which means you are experiencing the physical realm.
What is the light of God? The light of God is THE WORD OF GOD. The light is THE WORD OR CHRIST. This is why the scripture says, your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path and the entrance of His word gives light and understanding unto the simple. 

The experience of God can come in different ways, through His voice, dreams, visions and so on. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth should speak forth. It is what has dominated your heart that is powerful in your mouth when you speak it forth.

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