Sexuality and Spiritual Energy

By Princess Arira

It is important that you know that God is not against pleasure. He only desires that you go for the ultimate and highest pleasure. In the exploration of the highest pleasure will your truest and divine potentials be unlocked and come to light. God wants you to interact with the physical realm from the spiritual realm perspective.

The pleasure that you can get in the material or physical world can cage you and block you from experiencing the higher pleasures if you give yourself too much to it, God wants you to interact with the material world from His perspective of divine wisdom this is how you can truly enjoy all that God has created. There is divine wisdom to everything. And there is a divine perspective to everything so it is important that you see through the eyes, heart, mind and perspective of God and not yours. Everything that God created and established leads back to Him if studied critically.

Every desire and yearnings of your body have their purpose and have how you can handle them with the wisdom of GodEverything desire and yearnings of your body have their purpose and have how you can handle them with the wisdom of God. The real you is your spirit before your physical body was created, you existed. This means that your physical body does not define you and should not control you, and you have been existing before your physical body this means you came from the womb of God and that you are born of God. God is Spirit and He doesn’t give birth to flesh, that means you are spirit like HimAnd because you are born of Him it means you are absolutely connected,  to Him by nature,

Love starts with fellowshipSex is the end part of fellowship and love, not the beginning. You don’t genuinely love someone by starting with sex this has to do with a heart to heart communication and interactions is designed to be the end part of fellowship which brings a covenant bond and union. It all starts with fellowship, soul to soul interactions to know the other person. When sex happens before the covenant bond called marriage, it is inordinate and against the principle of God, marriage must occur before sex can happen between two individuals.

The scripture pointed out clearly that marriage here on earth describes the relationship between us and Christ and that just as the man is the head of the woman, Jesus Christ is the head of the church. The husband and the wife are one, so Jesus and His church are one and in fact, the bible calls the church the bride of Christ. And you are the church of God. This means spiritually, you are the spiritual wife of Jesus Christ.

The act of sex between a wife and the husband can be likened to the intimate act of fellowship with you and ChristEarthly marriage and sex is so beautiful and so pleasurable but it can’t bring the ultimate satisfaction and fulfilment to your soul. The soul of man is fashioned in a way to increase in God or Christ consciousness if he is focused on one thing. When your soul is interacting with too many things you will become distracted and it will slow down your walk with God and spiritual growth.

Sex involves your emotions and the hormones of your body. But that is very untrue, sex causes pleasure and excitement. And anything pleasure and excitement related is connected to the soul, you feel the excitement in your soul and your soul gets connected to that person. And once you have such experience of that deep intimate excitement with a person, it creates a deep memory in your soul. All the drive and sexual impulses come from your mind, your physical body is at the mercy of your mind. It is your mind that controls your physical body. Sexual desire is a longing for bondingAlthough there is some genetic predispositions for some but the fact still remains that everyone can control his physical body with his mind. Apart from marriage, this sexual desire can be used for a very great purpose.

For those who have a high sexual desire, they are at a good advantage. Many actually are not aware of the intense pleasure and ecstasy that comes with deep interaction with God, As a single male/female, anytime you feel such sexual desire or impulse, simply tune your mind into Christ, when you do this sincerely, you will discover that the sexual desire or lust will disappear. This is for those who are facing temptations, It can be masturbation or fornicationYou just need to tune in your emotions into Christ at every point of the temptation. If you are single and your sexual urge is high, I would advise you to stay away from the object that brings the temptation. So henceforth don’t condemn yourself if you have a high sexual desire, simply pour them on God. Go and have wild adventures of intimacy with God.

Bible references.,1Jnh 5:1, Jhn 1:12, Heb 13:4, Jhn 4:24, Eph 3:29, Rev 22:17.

Source: Above Whispers

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