#GirlsDay : She Should Eat, Dress, and Pace For Her Maturity – Modupe Akinyemi

By Grace Shaibu

As we celebrate the day of the girl child, it is important that we reiterate some vital lessons, experiences that will help each and every one of us in doing better concerning the future of girls. We need to know that every girl child in our care should be taken seriously and catered to.

In light of sharing experiences and celebrating girls day, we had a conversation with one of our writers Ms Modupe Akinyemi who writes some of our featured articles on here. Ms Akinyemi will be sharing her experiences and opinions on what can be adequately done for the betterment of girls in developing countries.

AW : Please introduce yourself to us

Modupe Akinyemi : My name is Modupe Akinyemi. I am a content writer and an Engineering Geologist.

AW: Tell us about your growing up experience which informed your knowledge on the role of the girl child in society?

Modupe Akinyemi: I grew up as a girl with boyish characters (tomboy) and severally I was told I could not do so many things like running a race or being the class captain; the reason being that I am a girl. On some occasions, I got discouraged and at other times I did so well at it even then the boys. This made me realize I could do anything I put my heart to even as a girl.

AW: As we commemorate the day of the girl child, do you think enough has been done for young girls in developing countries like Nigeria?

Modupe Akinyemi: I think we have come far. There have been several programs that have been put in place to reach out to the girl child. However, much more can still be done. Our girls still need to have a more solid grasp of who they are and what they are capable of doing and they need a safe environment to thrive.

AW: What would you think is the greatest fear of the girl child especially teenage girls?

Modupe Akinyemi: I think the major fear of the teenage girl would be her not meeting up to the ready-made standards set for her by her home and society. There’s a way she should eat, dress, clean, and a pace for her maturity. The consequences of not conforming to these standards I think is the root of the majority of the fears teenage girls experience.

AW: There’s been an endless battle on under-aged marriage in some countries, of cos we know that when it comes to underage marriages, girls are usually the victims. What measures should be put in place to curb this inhumane act to safeguard the life of the girl child? [in your opinion]

Modupe Akinyemi: When it comes to child marriage, cultural and religious beliefs are great influences. To curb it, I believe more awareness about the inevitable consequences of this cruel act should be carried out. Religious leaders, cultural leaders and men who know better should be willing to say NO to it. In addition, women/mothers should be encouraged to stand up on behalf of their children. They should be encouraged to reach out and ask for help when needed. Also, child marriage should be criminalized with severe penalties.

AW: At what age did you discover that you loved writing?

Modupe Akinyemi: At age 14. I was a fluent speaker who really disliked writing. I had a teacher when I was in SS1 years) who encouraged me to write as much as I spoke and that was it for me!

AW: As a writer on AW, what are the things that have shaped your writing skills?

Modupe Akinyemi: Personal and shared experiences, reading and consistent writing.

AW: How do you think parents can be adequately involved in the grooming of their girls?

Modupe Akinyemi: First of all, parents must be ready to groom. I believe it’s a thing to know it’s your responsibility, it is another thing to be willing to take it. Grooming your girl child will mean to know them, find what they are passionate about and encourage them in it. Help build their self-esteem, encourage them and discipline in love. Much more, protect and be available for them.

AW: There have been reports of molestation and abuse in schools, why do think girls are not safe in the school environment and what is the solution.

Modupe Akinyemi: It’s unfortunate supposed safe places have become unsafe for our girls. This just shows that schools have been infested with perverts; teachers and students as such. The best solution for this I believe will be to have stringent penalties that would serve as deterrence to the perpetrators. Also, schools should be sanctioned and blacklisted when they cover up such cases. It is very important to encourage girls to speak up without fear. All schools should therefore e enlighten their girls on how and who to reach out to.

AW: Who are your role models?

Modupe Akinyemi: My mum, Billy Jean, Tara Fela-Durotoye, Mo Abudu.

AW: What inspires you as a young female writer?

Modupe Akinyemi: I am inspired by the events and happenings in my immediate environment and the world at large.

AW: Your advice to young girls and parents around the world

Modupe Akinyemi: To the girls, the sky is the starting point and to the parents, please be available and attentive.

Source: Above Whispers

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3 Responses to #GirlsDay : She Should Eat, Dress, and Pace For Her Maturity – Modupe Akinyemi

  1. Amadi Ebere Ujunwà October 11, 2021 at 9:40 pm

    Thanks Ma Modupe Akinyemi. For this wonderful piece. There is need for the society to map out better ways to help a girlchild grow. She should be given the support she needs in different stages of growth and do things which she enjoys doing like Sport.
    Our African parent needs to kill some all barbaric traditional laws and norms that affect the girlchild in a negative way and help Us realise our Value.

  2. Amadi Ebere Ujunwà October 11, 2021 at 9:51 pm

    Happy Girls day

  3. Tonye October 13, 2021 at 1:47 pm

    It is so beautiful.
    Happy Girls day


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