By Esther Chineye Mbabie

Growing up in a house of girls in a society like ours has proven to be a beautiful one despite all odds.

This article is an interview with a lady who grew up with sisters, her experiences within the family and within the community.

“It was an interesting one. I have never had the experience of having a brother but having sisters so far has been amazing.

It has influenced me. When people ask me “would you like to have a girl as a first child?”, I just say I will not mind having just girls because that is what I am familiar with. There is the opportunity to him more, I can wear their clothes, hair and shoes.

There was always this sisterly bond. Now, I always say one of my hobbies is disturbing my sisters because it is just something I enjoy, just being around them and I love my sisters very much.

I have never directly received a comment saying my father needs a son. Frankly, my father has been amazing and he always says he was never bothered about the gender of his children.”

Source: Above Whispers

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