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Bank Supports Govt in Fight for Women Liberation

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Sunday, June 20th, 2021
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NMB Bank is upbeat in realising President Samia Suluhu Hassan quest to liberate women economically by providing them with entrepreneurship education as well as capital to run their businesses.

Early this week, the bank launched the Mwanamke Jasiri platform that loosely translates as a Brave Woman podium for all women in the Southern Regions aimed at uplifting them economically.

This comes just a few days after President Samia named NMB Bank Chief Executive Officer, Ruth Zaipuna, as one of the women who will participate in the process of discussing and resolving Women’s Economic Rights.

In her meeting with women in Dodoma recently, attended by about 10,000 women, President Samia said the discussion is an important pillar in bringing gender equality in public and workplaces.

“So, I urge the stakeholders to co-operate in this. I know among us here there are good and young people in the banks, led by NMB Executive Officer, Zaipuna in the economic sector, “said President Samia.

Speaking at the launch of the club in the region, the Bank’s Southern Region Manager Janet Shango said the forum was aimed at empowering women to address various economic challenges they face in their quest to improve their lives and the nation as a whole.

“NMB brave woman has come at the right time because you will remember this year, we have managed to get a woman President Mama Samia and she has put in place a strategy to enable Tanzanian women to liberate themselves economically,” she pointed out.

Ms Shango further said the President’s move to fight for the advancement of Tanzanian women has also strengthened the NMB and empowered women to take further steps in their development in the country.

Explaining how the club will help women in the zone, Ms Shango said the bank aims to provide financial education to various groups of women including small, medium and large entrepreneurs as well as the ones, whose status in the society is low and engage in petty business for survival.

The club also includes women in salaried employment and those self-employed in various sectors, who will also be taught how to save money to manage their finances as well as how best to develop the businesses they run.

In another step, the bank NMB Southern Region has met and held talks with more than 200 traders in Ruvuma, Mtwara and Lindi regions with the aim of understanding their challenges and addressing them. At the one-day workshop held in Mtwara Region, the NMB leadership told the traders that the bank is planning to improve its services further by finding alternative ways to improve services including loans to them.

Speaking at the workshop, Oscar Nyirende, Head of the Bank’s Disaster and Credit Unit, said the approach included ensuring that NMB Bank reaches out to all groups in the community so that they can benefit from the various loans the bank offer.

“This step of bringing traders together helps us to understand many issues facing them and that would enable us to know what to do to end them,” he added

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