Top 3 Best Colour For Black Women

by Vivian Udeh

A lot of fashion coverage miss the mark when it comes to the right fashion shades for dark skin. Many fashion lines and look books are advertised and designed with lighter skin tones in mind.

The truth is, we think that anything you want, you can wear. Any style, colour, size. Cover the hair, show the midriff. This isn’t up to anybody but you.

The skin of every individual has its own variations. Two people may have a fair complexion, but the tone of their colouring may be cool, warm, or neutral. As a result, their skin is better highlighted by certain colours of clothing than others.

Here are 3 shades ideal for individuals with different tones of dark skin;


Cobalt is a rich and dark blue. It has more life and can be worn festively. Cobalt, named for the element with the same deep blue hue, is a versatile fashion colour for many skin tones, but darker ones in particular. It’s jewel-tone to highlight the dark skin’s rich tone.


This shade of red evokes passion and control. While it can be too bold for some people, it is the perfect shade for dark skin as it helps to define the richness of the shade.


No one wears gold better than the dark skin queens. Gold can represent wealth and royalty, giving us the feeling of queens that we are. This metallic colour accentuates the richness of the dark colour of the skin.

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Source: Above Whispers

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