Abolish P3 Form Charges for GBV Cases, Plead Women

By Maureen Ongala

Women activists in Kilifi have called upon the County government to abolish the Sh3,000 charged for P3 forms in cases of domestic violence.

They said the amount is too high for vulnerable girls and women and that it has denied them justice, especially at this time when domestic violence cases are on the rise in the county.

Previously sexual gender-based violence survivors got the P3 forms for free, while those who experienced physical assault paid Sh1,000.

However, it was alleged that the complainants turned the document into a cash cow where they used the form to demand money from the accused and settling the matter out of court, with some of the complainants withdrawing their cases.

This is why the county department of health increased the fee to Sh3,000

Speaking to Nation. Africa in Kilifi, the chairlady of Kilifi Mum, a community-based organization, Kibibi Ali, however, said many cases of violence were being reported but suspects go scot-free due to lack of P3 forms by the complainants.

Record statements

“Most victims of domestic violence are poor women and girls who cannot raise Sh3,000,” she said, noting that this had led to many victims giving up on their cases.

“The victims will report the case and even record statements with the police, but never follow up on the matter because they will never get justice because of poverty,” she added.

Ms Ali said the problem pauses a challenge to women activists fighting violence against women and girls since it is difficult to follow up on the matter.

“It reaches a point when we can’t offer any help to the victims, making them go through psychological pain, apart from the physical one they have already been subjected to,” she added.

The organization, which has recorded 50 cases of domestic violence from March to November this year, is sometimes forced to seek financial support from well-wishers to help victims who have critical cases pending in police stations.

Chairperson Ganze Sauti ya Wanawake, another community-based organization, Judith Uchi said some women have died due to violence meted on them by relatives or husbands, while others walked out of their marriages because they were unable to raise the fee.

Generalise cases

“Women will be beaten but since they do not have money for the P3 form, they go to the hospital for treatment and go back home where they continue suffering in silence,” she said.

She lamented that the police, in most cases, generalise cases involving physical injuries as assault.

Ms Uchi said police officers should be trained on how to distinguish the different types of violence to help victims get justice.

At least two cases of domestic violence are reported daily.

She said her organization has had to accompany victims to hospitals to help explain their cases to doctors, a move that has seen a reduction of domestic violence cases in Ganze.

Source: Daily Nation

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