7 Common Gender Myths and Misconception Promoting Gender Inequality Part 2

Contd From the Last Article. If you haven’t read it, click here: http://abovewhispers.com/2020/05/20/7-common-gender-myths-misconception-promoting-gender-inequality/


gender equality

Myth 5: Sexual harassment is a women’s issue.

Inappropriate, discomfiting behaviour can derail careers and drive women away from jobs they love. The widespread outcry against predatory men is a necessary corrective. We need to listen to the brave women who speak out and recognize the men who stand with them. If we are to create a gender-equal world; a better world for both men and women, we need to dispel these myths. We must change the way we think and talk about women. Each of us has the power to make a difference to our own organization and to the world around us. In fact, we have an obligation to do so.

Myth 6: There are not Enough Qualified Women to Fill Leadership Positions

It’s hard to believe organization, community and society as a whole could not find enough women for their top jobs and leadership position when women make up 46 percent of the workforce. It’s not about the pipeline. We simply need to develop our female and male employees equally, grooming both for advancement and give both gender equal opportunity to access leadership positions without discrimination on gender or sex bases.

Myth 7: It Is Men’s World           

The world is perceived to be men’s because most culture, norms, religious beliefs, societal values, policies, politics, e.tc. are always in favor of men not putting into consideration their effects on women. All sexes and gender are human and should be treated as such; This fact however is the reason for the women’s right movement called Feminism. Feminism belief in and desire for equality between the sexes. The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunity. It encompasses social, political and economic equality.


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