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‘Empower Girls To Play Leadership Roles’

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Wednesday, October 16th, 2019
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The Eastern Regional Director of the Department of Children, Mr Emmanuel Kwabena Dartey, has called on traditional leaders and the general public to condemn negative acts against girls in the society to empower the girls to play leadership roles in the country.

He noted that children, especially girls, were vulnerable in society due to the kind of treatment they receive from society, which makes them timid throughout their lives.

Mr Dartey made the call at this year’s international day of the girl child organised by the Hunger Project-Ghana on the theme: “Girl Force: Unscripted and Unstoppable,” last Friday.

According to him, there must be equal responsibilities for both girls and boys in the home, adding that the responsibility of the girl child was so much that they do not even get time to study and rest.

“It is time for the public to erase the mindset about activities which were entitled to girls alone in the society,” he said and added that the misconception has caused a lot of damage in lots of girls.

Mr Dartey indicated that the law empowers everyone to eliminate all forms of negative cultural attitudes, practices and discrimination against girls.

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That, he said, would promote girls’ awareness and participation in social, economic and political life and also strengthen the role of the family in improving the status of girls.

The Director noted that the 1992 Constitution establishes the basis for the enjoyment of rights of every citizen including girls, adding that the Criminal Code Amendment 1998 (Act 554) increase protection against ill-treatment of children, especially girls.

He, therefore, called on parents and guardians to make the education of their girl-child a priority to boost their confidence to contribute towards the development of the country.

For his part, the Country Director of the Hunger Project-Ghana, Mr Samuel Afrane, noted that the development of the country would not be complete without considering the affairs of the girl child.

He advised parents against discrimination between their boy and girl child and urged them to change their conception about the fact that girls were meant for the kitchen.

Mr Afrane indicated that the needs of girls were more than that of the boys, and added that parents must, therefore, provide for their girls all their basic needs in order not to fall into the traps of young boys and bad friends.

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