Beyond Being Mrs. Andrew And Mummy Junior

By Oluwakemi Adelagun

She bowed her head, lost in the depth of misery, with her ninth child, a toddler on her laps suddenly life was meaningless, suicidal thought snailed in, it looked like the only way out, only that she had no guts. She stole a gaze at her ragged children who laid on an empty stomach on a bare floor in the decrepit one-room apartment that will eject them anytime soon as they have been served quit notice, also the landlord had sold the land.
Lola starred at the broken clock which reminded her of how she began her marital journey. Fifteen years ago they were given that clock, however, their standard of living would not provide for a replacement. She snapped out of memory lane as their co-occupants strolled in to take a nap.


Mauritania - women
Their four-footed ‘co-occupants’ know better than to search the room for food as no crumb flung into their direction. Hence, they go out in search of their daily bread elsewhere.
She knocked her neighbours’ door to know what the time was again, making it the fifth time that night, it was getting darker and her husband, Ali was not back.
“No no be way beeeee that”, he said in an incoherent manner, as he staggered along the drainage, he found comfort and dosed off.

Ever since her husband, Ali, the sole breadwinner was laid off, due to the economic recession in 2016, the little he earns from his bricklaying work has made a drunken man out of him and every day of their lives unfold with one problem or the other.

If only she had access to education and information about family planning and that she could decide freely the number of children she wanted. If only she could be empowered to cater for her family.

At the beginning of creation, man was charged to reproduce, now reproduction here does not mean having numerous uncatered children but the ability to excel in areas of endeavours.

Also the ability to expand your life beyond playing the role of a spouse (wife) or parent (mother). Hence family planning comes into play, as it affords you to make strategic life choices, to decide the number of children you want, when you want to have them and when you want to stop having them to enable you to participate in other areas of endeavours.

Multiple researches have proven that female education and empowerment are joint and key factors affecting family planning and reproductive health outcomes.

Having children in sequence poses great risk in women’s health and the health of their children. A large number of women die from preventable issues related to pregnancy and childbirth. Linked closely to maternal health is newborn survival—infection and complications during delivery are leading causes of infant death.

Especially women in developing countries are unable to access services due to family, cultural or religious pressures, or are let down by health systems, or legislation.

Source: Above Whispers

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