The Story Corner : This Khafi Saga #BBN

By Onozasi




If you haven’t seen the BBN saga buzzing online, then here you have it. It’s no news that Big Brother Nigeria started some months ago and its update has been all over social media. The recent one got a lot of people talking, what happened, you would ask. So, one of the housemates, Khafi Kareem works in the UK as a police officer before coming to the BBN house, even though we aware of her choices in the house especially the relationship aspect. It’s no news that she had sex with her newfound boyfriend in the house and it got tongue rolling but it’s her choice, she is an adult and I think it is her business.



That’s not even the gist, the gist is the SUN UK took to their platform and posted Khafi, dragged her for what she did, and this caught the attention of her workplace in the UK. They responded by saying she wasn’t given permission to leave her job to go for the reality show talk more about having sex on national TV. This to me doesn’t make sense, work ethics should be discussed in an official environment with the person concerned and not with the world. The babe in question knows that she would be recorded and that’s no news to her already and since she damned the consequences and left the UK for the BBN house, then it’s obvious it didn’t matter to her. I mean, coming back doesn’t matter to her. See, it’s her choice to do whatever and if you don’t like it, stay off the BBN channel. Simple! We might have our own moral standards but we should respect other people and The SUN UK went too far. Anyway, her manager has said they would take them to court and thrash the issue out. Let’s see how the drama plays out.

Source: Above Whispers

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