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The Story Corner : Nigeria To The World

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Thursday, June 27th, 2019

My people, how are you doing? I am back with another gist but calm down, this is not a serious gist, it is something to be happy about. Last Sunday, our very own boy, see me calling him own boy like I am related to him. So, a popular, young ace musician known for his several viral songs got an international award. He got an award for Best International Act {BET} and everyone has been uploading his videos all about social media but that’s not the highlight.


The highlight of the night was when his mother went on stage to receive the award on his behalf and made a powerful statement that has been running all over social media, ‘Remember, that you are first of all African before anything else.’  that statement made the rounds that night and even on social media. His mother articulately drove home the point that whether you are African abroad, you are African! that’s the signature of who you are. This drove down the point that no one is superior. We are all blacks and we are all the same. I am glad he won the award and that his mum got on that stage to speak such powerful words to the world. She represented Nigeria so well even as her son had done but most important of all, she represented the power of a strong woman! Congratulations, Burna Boy!

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