5 Dress Styles That Hide Belly Fat

By Vivian Udeh

There was conversation about FUPA on social media and how slim women are not entitled to say they have got any belly fat.

Many women for different reasons at different stages in life gain belly fat irrespective of body size; slim or big. We have the women who have gained a lot weight all over and as a consequence, gain fat in their tummy.

We have the women who have birthed children but are finding it difficult to loose tummy fat. We also have the ones who go through pre-menopause and menopause.

Excess fat in the belly region may cause the waist to disappear, and it doesn’t really look good in most clothes and many women want to get rid of it.

They either fail to, due to some reasons known to them, or the transformation takes a longer process. Well during this process of getting in shape, even with the belly fat still present, you can still look good by setting out the right outfits that will give you the concealing characteristics you need.



Try putting on loose tops


loose tops

Most times we tend to make the mistake of putting on tight outfits when we have excess body fat. There would be folds everywhere and that would bring about alot of attention (not the ones that say you look hot, but the ones that say they never want to look like you).


Try putting on leggings or skinny jeans but with longer draped tops.



Most people with belly fat do it wrong by combining leggings with tighter tops or with short tops. Leggings in this situation helps to tuck in the excess fat  there by giving that area a better looking shape and definition, but the outfit will look very much better when combined with a longer loose top. With that you’ll be looking hot, and no one would notice any belly fat on you.


Try putting on high wasted belts a bit high above your tummy and not on it.

When choosing a top or grown that would require high waist belt, you should definitely go for it rather than walking past it in the store. There are rules to take when making use of belts on this outfit;


Rule 1: do not place the belt directly on your tummy. That is a very important rule cause once you do that it ruins the whole outfit making it worse!. That’s a NO NO.

Rule 2: place the belt high above your tummy, that would try to create a distraction from your belly region to your belt region, giving your belly region a straightened look, no folds more definition. You would be looking hot.

You can get a peplum dress or top, those were designed to give such definition already.


Choose asymmetrical tops

assymetrical tops


Asymmetrical tops due to its uneven and slanted form, it creates vertical and diagonal lines which does a great disguise for the tummy.



Try using tops with a lot of print and designs.


Tops with alot of print and designs do an amazing job in hiding belly fat. You can combine this with black trousers or shorts, if the top is longer a black leggings. This would do an amazing job. Remember black is a slimming colour.


Source: Above Whispers

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