AW WomenPreneur Series : Meet Jojolola Olufemi- Babalola The CEO of Flower Just Fine

By Onozasi

Above Whispers WomenPreneur Series is a platform to showcase amazing business women. Young women who have taken the bold step to start a business, fighting the odds surrounding entrepreneurship in Africa. We share in their journey, share in the challenges and growth process to inspire other women. We believe that when a story is shared, there is a leap in the heart of those struggling with doubts. The purpose of this to push that woman out there to engage in what she has been sacred of by reading through the inspiring stories of other women.
Today, our guest is Jojolola Olufemi-Babalola. She is the CEO of Flower Just Fine, a space design company.  Do enjoy this interview
AW : Kindly Introduce yourself 
My name is  Jojolola Olufemi-Babalola. I’m married to an Excellent Ekiti man(CEO, Lyk David School of Art, Ekiti State, Nigeria). I’m from Oyo town in Oyo state, Nigeria.  I bagged Bachelor of Laws(LLB) from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife,Osun State Nigeria, Barrister at Law(BL) from  The Nigerian Law School Augustine Nnamani campus, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria & Master of Laws (LLM) from The University of Ibadan. Along side my several other roles. I’m an entrepreneur with particularly interest in  Creative and beauty art. I am a lover of God, positive minded, disciplined and self motivated.
AW : What’s your greatest challenge so far as an entrepreneur? 
For me, I will say it’s the ability to penetrate the market especially when one gets to a new environment. However,  with quality works and excellent service, one will definitely breakthrough.
AW : You transitioned from Law to Space designing tell us about it …
I will not say I transitioned from law to space designing(smiles).  I will say I do space designing along my law practice. Law is what I learnt from school, space designing has its root in my natural abilities, which I also develop and invest in as much as I invest in law too. I do not think it is prudent for anyone to ignore his or her natural abilities for any reason. Actually, I began creating things myself since I was a little girl.  I always wanted my mum to keep her money so I would turn things we don’t use anymore in the house into something we can use. Although, it was useful for us alone in the house, my mum would always appreciate the effort. She encouraged me to acquire creative skills like learning how to sew, later on how to beads, clothes, make-over artistry,  bag making, soap making etc. So at a time I found that I could do many things. Later on,  I picked interest in beauty related skills and this birthed my space beautification works and makeover artistry works.
AW : What inspired you to go into this space?
Firstly, I will say God. Then, my love for creativity came as a result of the love to transform less useful things into a more useful thing. I hate to waste things, I always feel something can be made from a so- called waste even if I do not know what can be made from it. So this mindset pushed me into creating things with my hands.  I always see myself picking & transforming useless things into useful things.  From there,  I proceeded into transformation useful things into much more useful things.
 As I grew, I found out I like to look good. From there, I realised I get attracted to good looking environments. So, I felt if I like beautiful environment, that means I love to have one and I must contribute to it not only from what others have created, but by what I can also create.  Then over the years, I realised how much I have always wanted to contribute to the manufacturing world by being a producer of something and not just consuming alone.  Discovering I have flair for all of these, I started reading up and checking out for role models in my area of interest.  That was where the Idea of creating beautiful flowers came, hence the birth of my business “FLOWER JUST FINE”. Now,  for my space beautification;  I major in the use of flowers made from high durable papers to decorate offices, any where in the home e.g sitting room,baby nursery, hostels,hotel rooms, receptions, bridal or baby shower decor, photo stand/booth for both outdoor or indoor events and set up as backdrops for all events. The fact that the paper flowers last almost forever makes it worthy for decoration.  The flowers are reusable and it’s what any stylish and beauty loving person would consider for decorations.  I also do writing of words which we call lettering for my clients. For instance,  where a client wants a bridal shower decoration,  after installing the flowers, I also install the words ‘BRIDAL SHOWER’ written in an artistic manner. All to make the person’s day colourful and beautiful. The unique thing about paper flowers is the fact that clients have varieties of designs to choose from; which will bring uniqueness to their events, office or home.
AW : Who are your mentors?
I have the Holy Spirit. Because most times I get new designs after praying(don’t mind me,  praying is one of my business secret).  Then I have more of foreign mentors.  Because my kind of designing is not common in Africa for now.
AW : As a business woman, what are the three major things you think no one should neglect in business?
I cannot overemphasize the place of prayers in business. (This is highly important).  Thereafter, excellent customer service and relations(don’t be afraid of feedback too),  then advertising. (People love to see that you are consistent with what you are doing).
AW : Some of my success stories with us 
I have several, but I like to talk about the aspect that deals with imparting others with this skill especially women & kids. I have trained many women both online and physically to the Glory of God and we aren’t still enough, I pray more women will open their eyes to this trade.  It hurts me to see women suffer. So, I teach house wives, mums, ladies how to make some of these things to make money at home. The fact that they don’t need a shop to start and even to continue the business and  can always make their products right from the corner of their homes makes it more interesting. Last year, summer period was fun for me as I was invited to train some pupils of a summer school ‘the art of crafting’. It was fun for the kids and I and it added something new to the kids summer school experience; testimonies from parent gave much delight to my heart too. Hopefully,  more schools will sign up this year.
AW :There is a popular saying that women are more emotional in business than logical, how true is that?
I will not align my position with this view. Although women are naturally emotional people but it doesn’t mean we do things without actually reasoning it out. It’s not impossible that other personal issues can affect our disposition to our business sometimes as women, I will also say this is not peculiar to women alone,  it happens to men also. Sometimes when men are in serious need of money,  they can be very emotional in their business dealings.  So, I strongly feel that this is not peculiar to women alone.
As a business woman, how would you explain priority! 
I will say priority is doing the first thing first or let me say doing the most important thing first. It’s having a sincere and objective view of a situation without being emotional; to act on time and on the urgency of each issue at hand in the order of their importance. This now depends on individual situations and circumstances.
AW : Are you a persuasive business woman or an authoritative business woman? 
Depending on the perspective I am to view it from, I can be both (smiles).  Sometimes,  it’s greatly influenced by the client I am dealing with. Some clients call for the persuasive aspect of me while some for the authoritative; whatever the case may be,  I remain polite and  give good listening ears to them.
Jojolola Olufemi-Babalola {CEO,FLOWER JUST FINE}
AW : What are your long term goals? {For your business}
My long term goals are;
To become an institution in the industry
To be a strong employer of labour
To have many women empowered; just to mention a few.
AW : Have you ever felt like quitting? 
Not at all. At least not for crafting and designing. This is a hobby for me, more of a passion from which I now earn from,  although it did not start with earning from it. It’s what I enjoy doing very much. I prefer creating things with my hands in my leisure time than talking. I love it so much. How can I quit what I love? This is not a job,  it is a hobby.  Yes, I feel tired sometimes while crafting (remember the works are hand made), in moments like that I just take a break but not to quit.
AW : What would you advice other women to take seriously in business?
Never neglect the place of God in your business, nothing is too insignificant to ask Him no matter how little. Emotional intelligence and control is key, we must learn to harness our emotions in such a manner that we speak well to our clients and other stake holders. Be credible, don’t say what you do not mean. One thing God has really helped me with and has helped my business is this fact; stick to the promise you make to clients. If you give them a delivery date remember their heart will be there, don’t disappoint them. When you realise you have done everything within your capacity to meet with deadlines but for some reasons it may not be possible, try to notify them on time.
My Social media handles: 
Instagram:  @flowerjustfine
Face book page:  Flower just fine
Source: Above Whispers

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