The Story Corner : Better Have The Child Now Or Forget It

By Onozasi

Who’s home with me today? Have you heard? Or wait, how did you hear it? See, if you hear people saying one president is going to stop them from giving birth in his country, you heard well o. My people, it was in the news, I saw it when he said it o. You know that man with a yellowish hair, and his face like that of a meme… ehnnn! Yes! that is the man. He said he won’t allow people to be coming over to his country to give birth and there by having the certificate of citizenship by birth. Uncle te p {He’s taken it seriously} I am wondering what the problem is, the giving birth thing is not free na? and moreover, it has been the norm for a while, where you have a child  is automatically the child’s country even though you can decide to take the child away from the country though. This new move is paining a lot of people but the ones really lamenting are Nigerians o.

pregnant black woman

You see, they don’t like it, they said he is stylishly pursuing people from his country as you know na, lots of these Nigerians go abroad to have their kids so that getting a visa can be easy for the future of their kids. I don’t blame them though, times are hard but the question is, why can’t the country’s problems be solved? I am not an analyst so I will leave that to those in that field.

My own is, if you are thinking of having a child in that country and you are still slowing down? it will shock you o. Better go and born the baby before the man implements the law. That’s all!

Source: Above Whispers

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