Cooking Together : Women From Different Backgrounds, Race, Stories Share Joy In The Kitchen

By Onozasi

If you have been following the media, you must have heard about the ”cooking together” project brought alive by the Duchess of sussex, Meghan Markle. It is interesting to know that women with different stories, backgrounds, race bring their meeting to the kitchen and they share their moments together. The kitchen is the place bond, to see the future, to cry out and laugh the fears. This place is dominated by Arabian women who have struggled to make a life for themselves by cooking, and serving other people. This community in London has helped women with diverse needs to live away their moments of trials and pains. The Duchess has input her support to these women by announcing them to the world through the Cook Book. The book that speaks about their truths, their food recipes and how women from all works of life can connect to the joy, the pain of other women.  This is officially the first project of Meghan as the Duchess but this is ground breaking.


There’s been lots of reviews about this project and it’s been positive all the way. Proceeds from this project will help finance women in this community. This is a way of developing women, enhancing growth and making sure that no woman is left behind. Some days ago, the book was launched and women came out to support this project. She was also joined by husband Prince Harry, Her Mom, and other passionate and notable individuals in London. This book is a project beyond life and every woman should be proud of it because from the Kitchen comes dreams, hopes, tears, confusion and laughter. This is a just a broader light into the individuality of women and the obstacles we overcome.

We hope that more women get to tell their stories and women who have been established Like Meghan Markle will be willing to help them climb, help them share and help them grow.

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Source: Above Whispers

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