CSIR Warns Of Jobs For Sex Scam Targeting Young Women

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) on Thursday warned that two individuals were scamming young people by promising them fake jobs at the organisation.

The individuals, who called themselves Stephen and Sherinne, claim they are working for the CSIR recruitment office, said spokesperson David Mandaha.

“According to the information we have, Stephen finds young, job-seeking ladies on social media platforms. Then Sherinne contacts them for a ‘telephonic interview’, using a private number,” he said.


“After the interview, Stephen asks to meet with the ‘candidate’ at a certain location, where he demands sex in order to secure the ‘job’.”

The CSIR was aware of one university student who had come forward after being scammed.

The woman, 27, who is studying in Pretoria, said she was invited to an interview at a guest lodge in the area, said Mandaha.

He said meetings or interviews for real CSIR jobs only took place at their offices.

The CSIR only advertised its jobs in mainstream newspapers, on its official social media platforms, and on its website, www.csir.co.za.

Mandaha encouraged any victims to come forward and report the scam to their nearest police station.

Source: allafric.com

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