No Sanitary Pads Still…-Women Care International Decries Poor Sanitary Practices

By Robin Dopoe

Cllr. Rosemarie James talking with some of the women who attended the program.

Cllr. Rosemarie James, the founder of Women Care International Foundation, has warned Liberians to desist from the random dumping of wastes, open urination and defecation in public spaces across the country to avoid serious future health hazards.

sanitary pad care

The unsanitary conditions of many communities will have serious impacts on health and social development of children, Cllr. James warned.

She alluded to the poor sanitary conditions, evidenced by the piles of garbage in Red Light, Central Monrovia, Duala and many other areas around the country in her remarks to about 200 women in the VOA community upon launching a sanitation and hygiene campaign which she said is just the beginning of many to come.

 “If this kind of unsanitary practice continues, diarrhea or cholera outbreaks are not far behind since they come from contact with human excreta or indirectly via contaminated food and soil,” she said.
“Creating a healthy society depends on the practice of good sanitation and hygiene which form the cornerstone of public health and contribute enormously to human health and well-being,” said Cllr. James.

She further explained that cleanliness is a critical step towards reducing the impact of diseases and creating a good environment that enhances safety, dignity, and self-esteem.

Poor sanitation and hygiene also have significant negative effects on the national economy because the cost of environmental damage is severe, Cllr. James said. “Keeping the environment clean and reducing serious health hazard is the shared responsibility of all Liberians. They need to help the government by keeping the environment clean by properly disposing of their wastes,” she advised.

The Women Care International Foundation founder also donated food and assorted items valued at over US$5,000 as her way of identifying with the women during the just ended festive season.


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