Nghipondoka Anguishes Over Teenage Pregnancies

By Loide Jason

 There is a need for more attention be given to disseminating information on school teenage pregnancies to curb the problem.

This was said by Arts and Culture Deputy Minister, Ester Anna Nghipondoka, who attended the Tsandi circuit prize-giving and awards ceremony in Omusati Region.


Nghipondoka says in 2014 alone more than 44 girls fell pregnant in Tsandi circuit while at school.

In 2015, 41 pregnant cases were recorded and about 40 in 2016 in the same circuit.

As a mother and teacher by profession, Nghipondoka said, she is very concerned about school-going girls becoming victims of teenage pregnancy instead of concentrating on their studies.

She says most children are impregnated by older men, who as parents are supposed to protect and educate them about abstinence.

She said parents are the key stakeholders in educating a child.

 She added that the presence of parents at school have a far-reaching positive impact on the discipline and academic performance of children.

Nghipondoka said that what happens at home often manifests itself in school. “The children should know that as a parent you are interested in knowing how they are performing at school,” she said.

She told teachers that their attitudes determine their work ethic.

“As teachers your ability and willingness to identify low hanging fruits are determined by your attitude. The time that you spend on your work, your cohesion with other staff members, being receptive to corrections, your ability to assimilate change that breaks your habits and the willingness to taste success are all dependent on your attitude,” she explained.

The educationist left no stone unturned by telling learners that education is not an event, it is a process, and it is the only tool that change lives for the better.

She said those who work hard would see their efforts and resilience acknowledged and recognised.

 “As a parent your responsibility is to assist teachers in shaping the child into becoming a responsible citizen.”

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