Abovewhispers Panache : How To Wear Leather In Hot Weather

By Omojuwa Oluwanifemi

Wearing leather is just something that comes to mind in cold weather, just like

taking a cup of tea. But in tropic regions, one can actually count the cold days

and considering the condition of the ozone layer, those cold days will keep

decreasing. And some of us like to wear our leather regardless of the weather,

so here are ways you can do that without getting barbequed;

1. Leather top

fashion blog

Tip: you could opt for a beautiful leather top in a neutral or pastel colour

2. Panelled dress

fashion 08

Tip: select a dress/top with a single panel of leather

3. Tank/vest

tank top

Tip: your leather vest/tank is a stylish way to beat the heat

4. Pants


Tip: experiment a pair of coloured leather pants

5. Skirt


Oluwanifemi Omojuwa is a fashion designer and presently a contributor for Abovewhispers.com. She loves fashion, photography and art in general.

Follow her on twitter @oluwanifemiomojuwa


Source: Abovewhispers

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