Rant Of The Day – Street ‘Toasting’

By Grace Shaibu

Hello readers, Welcome to the Rant Column.


A very big thank you to all the gentlemen with sense, gentlemen that understand the meaning of courtesy. I keep wondering how a youngman will be ‘toasting’ {wooing} a girl on the street and be making that ridiculous and annoying sound called ‘hey, hello, fine girl, suuuuu’ and all sorts on the road. They will stay by a corner and start making those ludicrous noise and expect the lady to wait. Please? For what?

Why would you wait? for what exactly are you waiting for? You see, men like these have absoultely nothing to offer they are numbskulls seeking who to infect with their terminal disease of foolishness, I don’t think I’m sorry to say that. But really, they should grow up. Walk up to a lady if you have something important to say. It’s as simple as that. Move those legs and get to the lady, open your mouth and speak.

It’s simple! That’s all. Please, Receive Sense Brother!

Source: Abovewhispers

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2 Responses to Rant Of The Day – Street ‘Toasting’

  1. Dom Dom May 12, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    Yeah it’s quite ridiculous and childish, most guys just think they are having silly fun and funny enough there are some girls that seem to enjoy it and sometimes even respond positively to these guys

  2. Opeyemi May 13, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    This is so true. Very correct!


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