College Student Hilariously Smacks Down White Supremacist Richard Spencer

By David Moye

White supremacist Richard Spencer got a supremely hilarious smack down when he spoke at Auburn University in Alabama on Tuesday night.

Spencer was taking questions from the audience members when a young black student came up to the mic with a serious question.

richard spencer

“How are white people more racially oppressed than black people?” she asked. “Because I’m a black woman at a predominantly white institute and I want to know what challenges y’all face that I don’t.”

Spencer didn’t answer, but another man can be heard shouting “affirmative action!”

As RawStory notes, it is unclear whether he was using the term to label the woman or if that was a challenge white racists face at Auburn.

The woman had another, more personal, question for Spencer: “How did it feel when you got punched in the face at the Inauguration?”

Sadly, the clip cuts off before Spencer responded to the questions.

Auburn University student Morgan Buckles, who said she filmed the video, told HuffPost that the white nationalist didn’t deny that black Americans have been oppressed or claim to know their pain, but Spencer maintained that white people are targeted by affirmative action.

Affirmative action policies have been shown to benefit white people, specifically white women in narrowing academic and business gender gaps.

Buckles said the young woman in the video was the only person who managed to speak over an unruly crowd and to get Spencer to listen to a question.

“He and his supporters continuously cut people off who were asking questions,” she told HuffPost. “They disrespected people and he would call them boring or say he didn’t want to hear them and dismiss them.”




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