The Story Of Activist Dr Stella Nyanzi

By Asuman Bisiika


Christian scholarship has situated the miracle of resurrection at the centre of the Church as an institution and Christian doctrine as an area of academic endeavour. This will manifest itself tomorrow when Christians go to churches to celebrate and revel in the miracle of resurrection.

As someone interested in Christian scholarship, I always ask: What impassions Christians? Is it pain from the physical suffering visited on Jesus Christ or the Miracle of Resurrection?

Discounting the deification of Jesus Christ, what is the moral significance of facing mortal danger with Christian fortitude? What is martyrdom? On what premise does martyrdom reside? Does it reside in physical bravery or mental bravery or dogmatic belief or freewheeling conscience?

Is physical suffering a manifest reality of self expression of one’s human belief and endeavour? Is physical suffering a conscientious value of self liberation and self-expression?

Couldn’t Jesus Christ (the non-deified one of course) have begged for mercy from the Romans? Couldn’t Socrates have begged for mercy if only to avoid the death sentence?

And oh yes, couldn’t Dr. Stella Nyanzi have sought mercy from the state? Passion! Belief! Conscience! Madness!

Tomorrow is Easter. Most homilies from the pulpit will cover the state of the republic in general terms. I have a feeling hints will be made on the said talks between Mr Museveni and Dr Besigye. The brave ones will throw in a few words on the circumstances of Dr Nyanzi’s arrest and subsequent prosecution.

And by the way, before we get detained by Dr Nyanzi’s issues, do you know that feeding oneself in Uganda is increasingly becoming a tough undertaking?

We need to resurrect Uganda. Allelujah? Amen.

Dear reader, this kisanja seems to be ominously fated to be a tough one. It kicked off with the post elections violence in Kasese and Bundibugyo; the Kasese killings of last November; the presidential handshake probe; the murder of AIGP Kaweesi; Dr Stella Nyanzi etc… And oh yes, Amama Mbabazi’s roaring silence. And the famine?


My Easter Homily

The power of the state is the ultimate human power. But holding it comes with a call for responsibility.

Unfortunately, it is our human nature that those who enjoy proximity with the centre of power may use more power than the principal holder of state power.


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