Abovewhispers Panache : Rock A Clutch

By Grace Shaibu

Hey, what is going on? Happy weekend to everyone. Wondering what’s up for the weekend? Yes! we are doing something classy but exceptionally beautiful. Clutches!

Clutches are wonderful, beautiful and maginificent fashion statement. I mean, there are times when we just get tired of carrying handbags and we just want to do clutch! Mind you, for dinners, hangouts and some juicy functions, you don’t need a handbag.

A clutch is good… So how do you pick your clutch?

  1. Make sure its suits your occassion…It could be a dinner or a picnic. Make sure it suits the occassion and your outfit.

clutch 1

2. Do something that speaks class and elegance

clutch 2

3. Do something that can move every event.

clutch 3

4. Do something that won’t be boring

clutch 4

5. Find a masterpiece, remember it’s not a purse

clutch 6

6. Panache is important, don’t rush to pick.

clutch 5

7. Define your style, define your clutch. Your clutch reflects deeper than your outfit

clutch 8

8. Make it coral atimes

clutch 9

9. Simple and Originally different

clutch 10

10. Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable with your clutch and your style

clutch 11




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