Malawi Police Arrest Four Over Bones of Albino – ‘They Were Murdered in Zambia’

By Vincent Khonje

Malawi Police in Kasungu are keeping in custody four people for allegedly transacting in tissues extracted from a corpse of a person with albinism.

A mob in Malawi burned seven men to death for allegedly possessing human albino bones for use in witchcraft. Albinos, who have white skin and yellow hair as a result of a genetic disorder, are regularly killed for their body parts, which are used in witchcraft rituals in African countries including Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

The police told Mana on Wednesday the four are Daglous Chikuta, 46, Kelvin Mvula, 59, Mikayele Zimba, 67 and Samuel Kamanga 32.

According to Kasungu Police Public Relations Officer, Edna Mzingwitsa, the police arrested the four on suspicion that they had bones alleged to have been of two people with albinism murdered in Zambia last year June.

She said case files of murder were opened in Zambia and inquiries were carried out and this led to arrest of 3 Zambian nationals who were found with four bones suspected to be of people with albinism.

Upon interrogating them she said they revealed to have murdered a person with albinism in Lundazi,

The people told the police that they took the bones to Malawi, at Chisinga in Kasungu where they met Chikuta, Mvula and Zimba to assist them in finding customers for the bones, according to Mzingwitsa.

She said the two groups failed to agree on the commission that would be given after the business is done, so the Zambians returned and then were arrested by Zambian police.

The Zambian police jointly worked with Malawi police and this led to the arrest of the four at Chisinga.

The four have been charged with transacting in tissues extracted from a corpse of a person with albinism contrary to section 224 of the Penal Code.

The will appear before court soon.

Chikuta hails from Kapichira Village, Mvula hails from Nkhuzikuzi Village, both in Traditional Authority (TA) Chulu, Zimba hails from Chinkhande Village, Sub TA (STA) Chisinga and Kamanga hails from Mandaza Village STA Mphomwa, all in Kasungu District.


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