15-year U.S. Anti-Terror War Far From Being Glorious

By Wu Qiang

Photo: Photobucket.com
Photo: Photobucket.com

Fifteen years ago, the world entered an age of war against terrorism, waged by the United Statesand its allies after terrorists destroyed the twin towers in New York and part of the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

Since then, the world security scenario has undergone tremendous changes. The war in Afghanistan has been lingering on,Iraq‘s government of former President Saddam Hussein was toppled in bloodbath, Libya and Syria followed suit to become slaughter houses.

Moreover, the Islamic State terrorist organization has controlled large areas in Iraq and Syria and instigated terrorism worldwide. The war and devastation in Middle East has caused a mass exodus of local population towards Europe. Terrorist attacks have been repeatedly staged in France, Germany, Belgium and Turkey.

As some have warned before the United States invaded Iraq, once the Pandorra’s Box was opened, the devil would come out in the Middle East and would not be brought back into the box again, with centuries-old religious sectarian fighting and old ethnic and tribal wars flaring up like forest fire.

During this period, violence also erupted in Egypt, Yemen and some other Arab countries, while the Middle East peace process between Israel and Palestine has been mired in an unbreakable impasse. The so-called “Arab Spring” ended in shambles and shame.

The war has destroyed the livelihood of tens of millions in Afghanistan, the Middle East and North Africa. The economy there has almost been destroyed, normal life has become a luxury while society is shattered in the wake of war and violence.

“I have lost my husband, I have no job and regular income to support my children. The legacy of foreign forces war against terror is corruption, poverty, endemic conflict and growing poppy,” said Jamila, a widow in Afghan capital Kabul, in an interview with Xinhua.

As the Middle East has been haunted by violence and terror, Western powers led by the United States are known for their selective approach towards terrorism and a lack of seriousness in addressing the roots of terror.

It is widely proved that the Islamic State was a splinter group of anti-government forces in Syria, and Islamic militancy was also used by the Western elements in Chechen war against Russia as well as the unrest in Xinjiang of China.

While the United States was a victim of terrorist attack 15 years ago, its policy of military interference in Afghanistan and the Middle East only worsened the security situation around the world and raised wide suspicion that its military operations were serving its own pure interests.

“Western miitary intervention in countries such as Iraq, Syria and Libya has led to chaos and anarchy,” said Michael Lueders, a board member of the German Near and Middle East Association. He held the United States responsible for the current refugee crisis in Europe, the worst since WWII.

Saeed al-Lawendi, a political professor at Cairo University, told Xinhua that the so-called “revolution” in Arab countries has destroyed the region. He accused the United States of having “created a new enemy for the region: terrorism and sectarianism.”

The biggest victims are women and children of the war-torn Middle East countries and Afghanistan, who make up the bulk of the refugees. The pictures of children who died in war and the refugee crisis have brought the world to look closely at its own conscience.

It is clear that military adventures by the United States and other Western powers in the Middle East, the North Africa and Afghanistan are the real cause of the current deterioration of world security situation.

To fight terrorism, the United States and other Western countries must stop unilateral actions without UN approval and violating national sovereignty and dignity of any country and abandon their double standard on terrorism.



Source: http://news.xinhuanet.com/

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