Malawi: Panga-Wielding Thugs Attack Prophet Bushiri Crusade In Lilongwe

It was an entirely unusual and chaotic scene in Lilongwe on Friday, June 10, as thugs stormed and attacked a church gathering that was convened by Prophet Bushiri’s Enlightened Christians Gathering (ECG).

While the worst attack that could, probably, be presumed to take place against a church is cold war, denigration and other indirect attacks, the thugs appeared into the prayer gathering with Panga knives and other assorted weaponry of bizarre description.

Unconfirmed number of people sustained injuries during the fracas and have gone through medical treatment at Kamuzu Central Hospital.

According to an eye witness, the thugs moved in and started beating up the attendants while shouting that they wanted to deal with Bushiri.

But Prophet Bushiri, who stays in South Africa, was not available at the crusade.

The crusade was arranged by pastors of his church.

It is gathered that on this material day, Bushiri was wrongly expected to be present at the crusade, earning themselves a miscalculation tool which has dully shamed their efforts.

The eye witness told Nyasa Times that the thugs were subsequently angry as they had hoped to find Bushiri who was apparently their target. They were so angry that the burned the stage and destroyed the pulpit.

“They were more of them who showed up beating everyone saying they brought a message to Major 1 to watch his back,” said the eyewitness adding that “many people were injured”.

Nyasa Times also understands that the thugs also burnt the podium and some musical instruments sending them into ashes.

” They shouted defiant claims that theu did not fear Police. When they discovered that some people started calling for private security, they left,” another eyewitness said.

Prophet Bushiri and his church have recently turned into bullies punch bag, with the ruling DPP and Bushiri being in constant friction.

In an interview, Bushiri said: “May God increase as I decrease”.

After being put to task to say something more, Bushiri then said; “there are people who fight God and there are people who fight their own battles, yet there are some people whom God fight for them. So yeah, God fights my battles.”

It is on record that the DPP officials stopped Prophet Bushiri from distributing maize to the needy during the previous hunger period as well as frawning at his help towards the national football team a little while ago.

The ice in the berry is that the DPP strongly believes that Bushiri is either terming ambitions to contest as President of Malawi, or up to sponsor a candidate (pointing the PP’s Joyce Banda and the MCP’s Lazarus Chakwera) in order to oust Mutharika and DPP.

However, Bushiri has constantly refuted the talk saying he is serving Malawians better as a man of God.


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