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How Alleged Wife Killer Surrendered To Lagos Police

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Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Mr. Lekan Shonde, who allegedly killed his wife, Ronke, surrendered himself to the Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command on Monday.

The suspect, who spoke exclusively with PUNCH Metro, had agreed to submit himself to the police after a conversation with our correspondent on Sunday.

Our correspondent had reported how Lekan, a depot worker, allegedly killed Ronke last Thursday after a disagreement at their home in the Egbeda-Idimu area of the state.

He was alleged to have fled the house, locking the door against the deceased and their two children.

The nanny, who first discovered Ronke’s corpse, was said to have raised the alarm, drawing the attention of neighbours.

The matter was subsequently reported at the Idimu Police Division.

Lekan, who spoke with our correspondent while in hiding, had said his late wife was unfaithful to him, adding that she was dating the general manager of a publishing company.

He said he only pushed her hand aside on the staircase during an argument over money, adding that he never fought with her.

He explained that he was not aware that the police were looking for him until the news broke.

Our correspondent, had, however prevailed on him to report at the nearest police station.

He said, “Fine, I will do that. But can you tell me what will happen when I report at the station? Will they detain me and for how long?”

Our correspondent during the 18 minutes interview explained that it would be as long as the investigation lasted.

He agreed to meet with our correspondent at Ikeja-Along bus stop by 7.30am on Monday.

“Let’s meet at 9am at Alausa. I will be at the Lagos State Attorney General’s office with my lawyer and a friend,” he later said.

However, by Monday, the suspect, who was communicating his movement to our correspondent, began to vacillate.

He did not get back until 1pm without being specific about his location.

Later at 2.37pm, the suspect called and said he was sorting out some things, adding that he would get back.

But shortly after, our correspondent called the sister of the deceased, Bolatito, who said the suspect had reported himself at the Alausa police division.

A check at the station, however, showed that Lekan reported at the RRS office.

A police source told our correspondent the police had been expecting him.

He said, “We knew he would come. He appeared around 1.30pm here with some of his friends. We alerted the Commissioner of Police, who immediately said we should bring him to the command headquarters. We had to take him down there. He was the one that surrendered himself to the police.”

The suspect, at the command headquarters, insisted he never beat his wife.

He said, “My parents, who were against the union, shunned our marriage. My mother is dead. My father, who is over 90 years, has been full of regret, saying he had warned me. She dated the manager of a publishing firm while still married to me.

“On that Thursday, after she said she had taken my N20,000, all I did was to slap her. I am sorry I did that. But even after that, I still bought moi-moi and pap for her when she said she would not cook. I took garri that night.

“She ate and suddenly started to vomit. I asked her what the problem was, but she said nothing. On Friday morning, she was still lying down when I left her. I even dropped the upkeep money that I always gave her and left for work.

“It was while at work that I was told the police visited the house and saw her corpse. I did not touch her and God is my witness.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, said the police would transfer the case to the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba.

She said, “We had been tracking him and when he saw that the game was up, he gave himself up. We will conduct a thorough investigation and still treat the case as a suspected sudden and unnatural death.”

The President of the Women Arise for Change Initiative, Dr Joe Okei-Odumakin, who was also at the command, said the eventual arrest of the suspect was a step in the right direction.

She said the group would follow the case till the end.

She said, “The suspect has done well to come out of hiding and now, we believe that the police will do justice to the case. We will await the result of the autopsy and that will determine the next line of action.”

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  1. This story leaves as it is evolving is making me feel very uneasy. When i read things like ‘the suspect has done well to come out of hiding’

    Lekan Shonde has not done well about anything! Even if you want to argue that you are innocent until proven guilty (albeit from what we know so far it’s not too much of a stretch to point the finger at him). Let’s look at what is already known which is that he beat his wife (or as he claims, he just tapped her) and at the end of the day she’s dead!!

    So she was unfaithful , she didn’t cook (bring out the smallest violin in the world). How many women murder their husbands for committing adultery?(i don’t condone adultery from either spouse)

    Neighbours have claimed that there was violence in the home. It
    has also been suggested that Ronke indicated she feared for her life.

    Violence is about power and control!

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