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How to Put Others at Ease

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Friday, May 6th, 2016

Have you ever watched people squirm when they’re in an uncomfortable or awkward situation? Would you like to help put them at ease?

Being a gracious person requires knowing good manners and having the ability to put other people at ease. Although some people seem to have been born with this knack, it can be learned. Once you learn, practice, and develop this skill, you’ll be amazed by how people flock to you.

Be Gracious

The first step in putting others at ease is to be gracious and kind to everyone. Learn basic manners and use them in all situations, whether you are at a formal get-together or hanging out with friends.

Have Empathy

When you’re with other people, try not to think about your own feelings so much. If you turn the attention to others, they will be drawn to you because you care. Ask questions about them and listen to their answers. Do something nice for someone else without expecting something in return.

Ways to show that you care:

  • Acts of Kindness – Do something special for the people in your life and make it specific to each one’s needs.
  • Acknowledge Others – Give credit to your friends, family members, and coworkers for a job well done. Never take credit for something you didn’t do.
  • Conversation Etiquette – Engage in conversation that interests the people you are with. If you sense that they have become disengaged, switch topics to something that they care about. Always listen to what the other person says without thinking about what you want to say next.

Show Confidence

A confident person is generally much easier to be around than someone who is uncomfortable in her own skin. Be the person who has direction and the self-assuredness to be at ease in all settings. If you’ve had a rough day, try not to burden everyone else with the details.

There is nothing wrong with venting occasionally, but be careful not to do it too often. Doing so will make people very uncomfortable, and they’ll start backing away to find more positivity. You don’t want to become that person who is a chronic complainer.

Be Aware

Know what is going on around you. This includes everything from noticing the person who is standing alone to knowing the latest current events.

Ways to show awareness:

  • Approach someone who is standing alone, shake her hand, and ask appropriate questions about her.
  • Read the newspaper or listen to the news regularly so you can carry on a decent conversation about what is going on in the world. It is okay to state your opinion, but always listen to opposing views with respect.
  • Pay attention to body language and know when it’s time to change the subject or end the conversation.

Be Engaged

Give the other person your total attention. Avoid periodic glances over their shoulder, or they will think you’re looking for an escape. The person you are speaking to at any given time should feel as though he is the most important person in the room. Make eye contact, smile when appropriate, and nod to show that you are listening.

Use Humor

Allow yourself to relax and enjoy a good laugh periodically. It shows that you are a happy person, and that will pull people toward you. Don’t take every little comment too seriously, including those that pertain to you. What you perceive as negative may actually be positive to others. Learn to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes.


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  1. This article just reminds me of my mum……
    I try to make people comfortable around me but it can be so tiring….. especially people with self esteem issues…..

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