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Prognostore Introduces Software For SMEs Growth

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2016
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A software firm, Prognostore has unveiled a 3-in-1 solution designed to help small businesses to track their trading activities.The solution, which is cloud based, combines Point of Sale; Inventory and Analytics.The inventors are a team of young talented Nigerians led by Adegbola Olabode, who claimed that the need to help his mum run her store while growing up was what triggered the innovation. He said, “Prognostore is all about providing cost –effective and simple business tool, which gives users the opportunity to grow their business through detailed insights.”

Olabode, at the launch of the software in Lagos, said with the App, business owners could see how their business is doing with a few clicks on smartphones, tablets, and personal computers – even without the Internet.

“It is a beautiful software that is simple to use but powerful enough to be all you need to run your store. This will make running your business easy and stress-free”, he stated.

He explained that the Prognostore App also provides employee insights, connection to third party apps and round the clock support for customer, adding that it also comes in different price packages suitable for different prices.

He said, “One of the key advantages Prognostore offers over other existing solutions is that it is web and cloud based, which means no special installation is required.”

There is also offline support and a number of other nifty features including multi-user support with access control, notifications for remote monitoring and CRM solutions.”


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