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Analysis: Chibok Girls Video Will Give Hope To Parents

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Thursday, April 14th, 2016
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The new footage which appears to show some of the kidnapped Chibok girls is reportedly a proof of life video filmed last December, which was provided to negotiators seeking the girls’ release.

Nigerian officials say they are studying the footage but believe it is genuine.

The video will provide renewed hope to the girls’ families that some of their daughters are still alive.

The last footage to emerge of the girls was a month after their kidnapping.

The mass abduction two years by Boko Haram militants ago sparked worldwide condemnation. But despite international assistance not one of the girls has been rescued.

Their parents are furious, blaming the previous government for doing nothing when the kidnapping took place and now the current administration for failing to devote enough resources to the search.

But in the last year, the Nigerian army has made progress in its fight against the militants.

It has retaken towns and villages controlled by Boko Haram. And it has also freed hundreds of women and children held captive by the insurgents.

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