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Buhari Refuses to sign Budget

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Monday, April 11th, 2016
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President Buhari refuses to sign the 2016 budget because of some reform made by the lawmakers. The lawmakers ammended by slashing major national projects which got the president angry that such was done by the lawmakers. The loophole in the budget was pointed out by the ministers of the federation via an emergency meeting with the president before leaving for China.

So, the budget will be signed when the president returns from China where he has gone to to seal some deal with the chinese government over the proposed Coastal  Railway project., which the lawmakers have completely expunged from the budget. Some other projects like the Calabar- Lagos rail way was removed from the budget, the allocation to the completion of Idu-Kaduna rail project was reduced by the lawmakers and other vital projects that should be carried out by the FG has been removed.

The President has returned the budget to the House and has asked them to make proper corrections, which will signed after he’s returned from China.

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