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11 things your kids are too scared to tell you

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Thursday, March 17th, 2016
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Your kids see you every day, and they love you to pieces. You’re a hero, a cook, a teacher and a friend. But sometimes, your child may be too scared to tell you how he really feels. Here are some things your child may be too nervous to tell you:

    1. I need to know that you love me, even if you tell me every day

      Your daughter may not phrase it this way, but she always needs to know that you love her. Even if she made a mess or a mistake, your love is that comfort that helps her make the next step in life.

    2. I don’t know how to make friends

      You can set up 50 play dates for your son, but when you teach him better principles like sharing, speaking nicely and playing fairly, you’ll help him make friends. Having friends is a rough spot for children growing up, even young ones.

    3. Kids are mean to me

      The things that happen at school sometimes always stay at school. Your child may tell you a bit about what happened, but you may not know that the kids at school say mean things to your child. Most importantly, you may not know how your child is responding to those kids.

    4. I want to do more things with you

      When your child says “Mom! Mommy!” a hundred times a day, you become a pro at tuning it out. But your child wants to play and read with you. You’re busy, but spending even 10 minutes focused only on your child can make a difference. And you’ll miss those minutes when he gets older.

    5. I’m scared when you’re mad

      Your discipline may be more intimidating than instructive. Your child watches everything you do, so when you get road rage, he notices. When you forget something at the store and start to lose your temper, your child doesn’t know what to do. Pay attention to those moods and how they affect others, especially your little one.

    6. I heard a bad word/saw a bad picture and don’t know what to do

      Maybe your son went to a friend’s house and saw something bad. Would he tell you? Young children aren’t sure how to approach their parents and talk to them about what’s good or bad online. Bad habits can even begin once inappropriate things are seen.

      Parents can download WebSafety to stay on top of their child’s online activity. This app helps parents understand their child’s online behaviors, including signs of bullying or pornography.

    7. I feel sad and I don’t know why

      Many parents will ask their kids the same question over and over: Why? Why are you sick? Why did you hit your brother? And sometimes, your child won’t have a reason. If your child is sad, don’t ask why. Instead, ask questions that will help you know more about what’s happening. Maybe your child is sad just because he is sad. And that’s OK.

    8. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up

      Little kids are always asked that question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And maybe you’re subtly pushing your child to be what you want her to be. Instead of giving her medical or law books, let her be a kid.

    9. I want you to spend time with just me

      If your little one is competing with other siblings, try a one-on-one date with your child. She wants you to listen to her and play with her. If you group all your time with all of your children, you’ll miss out on those special private moments. You can learn a lot about each child when they’re on their own, too.

    10. I like when you give me notes in my lunch box

      He may pretend like it’s cheesy, but your son secretly loves those messages and treats you leave him. Those expressions of love show your children that you think about them at every possible moment. One day you’ll stop packing his lunch, but he’ll always remember how much you cared.

    11. You’re my favorite person

      You’re the hero in your child’s story. You feed her, clean her and love her every day. Your children won’t always tell you, but you’ll be able to see it in their faces when you pick them up from school or tuck them in at night (if they don’t fight you on going to bed). Even when your children are throwing a tantrum in the middle of the store, they love you more than anyone else. And they want to be able to tell you anything that’s on their mind, especially the difficult things.

      For those times when your child faces tough times at school, with friends or online, there are ways you can help. WebSafety allows parents to monitor their child’s social media behavior and receive real-time notifications of mobile device activity.



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