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20 things you should be doing for your wife every day

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Wednesday, March 16th, 2016
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Make your wife’s day, every day, with these simple acts that will remind her of your love for her.

1. Tell her you love her

You must tell her you love her more than once per day, including when you leave and when you come home. Because texting is so popular, you can even text her; although telling her face-to-face is the most important and intimate.

2. Show her you love her

Of all the things you need to do every single day, this is perhaps the most vital. You can tell her all you want, but showing her is the sauna of everyday living. Showing, not telling, is the writer’s mantra, and should be a husband’s. Thousands of ways exist on how to show your wife you love her. Be creative – Every. Single. Day.

3. Pick up after yourself

Nothing is less sexy than heaps of clothes, shoes, socks, candy wrappers, etc. lying everywhere. Surely you can spend the few minutes to put away your shoes, place your socks in the dirty clothes or even hang up your pants. It’s just plain laziness to flop stuff on the floor or pile a zillion T-shirts on the chair next to your bed.

4. Clean around your sink

Yuck! One of the most unsanitary places in America today, aside from your computer keyboard, is your sink. Clean it every day and reach over and clean your spouse’s. She will be pleasantly surprised and grateful.

5. Iron your own clothes

Try doing the ironing yourself. You would be surprised how relaxing – even therapeutic – it really is.

6. Write her a note

This could be the simplest one you do. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just a note to let her know she is beautiful, or to have a good day. Put it in her pocket or out somewhere she can see it. Try a sticky note on the mirror in the bathroom.

7. Make the bed

Or at least help make the bed. It’s always easier when two make the bed, and it takes just a few moments of your time. There is a certain something refreshing about a made bed.

8. Don’t complain

Surely, you can refrain from complaining once per day – make it twice tomorrow. Complaining is a sign of pessimism.

9. Read to her

You may not be a reader, but reading something to her every day is sweet and intimate. It could be one of the comics from the daily paper, a Bible verse or two, or an incredible passage from the novel you are reading.

10. Brush your teeth

Freshness is a key to happiness.

11. Don’t ask about what needs to be done

Having to ask shows you are non-observant. She probably has hinted and maybe even come right out and said, “Dear, would you do this?” Be observant; look around; listen to her.

12. Put the dishes in the dishwasher

There is no reason to leave them in the sink or on the table. If it’s full, empty it.

13. Pull in the garage straight

Garage space is sacred space; so, make sure you pull in straight and on your own side. Encroaching on her spot is not cool. If her car is outside, go ahead and put hers away, too. It’s one of those showing-you-love-her things.

14. Take care of the garbage

It’s always your turn to take out the garbage – no questions asked.

15. Lock the doors and turn out the lights

At night, walk around the house, lock the doors and turn out the lights. Your spouse will feel safe and protected by you completing this task.

16. Hug her

Hugs in the morning. Hugs when you come home. Hugs when you go to bed. And make sure they aren’t just a mere squeeze. Give her bear hugs.

17. Compliment her

Remind her how much you love that smile you fell in love with. There are lots of things you love about her, so remind her of them often.

18. Help with the dishes without being asked

Along with putting dishes into the dishwasher, help with dishes during cooking and after meals.

19. Make one of the meals

This may mean you have to learn how to cook something. But your efforts will be much appreciated when you have a delicious meal prepared for her.

20. Have an incredible conversation each day

In today’s society, with so much technology, long work days, etc., we seldom have time for conversation. Your marriage will be strengthened if you take the time to actually talk to your wife every day.

Memorize this list, add to it and always remember two important words: “Yes, Dear.”

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