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President’s wife declares harems centers of education

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

The Turkish first lady has praised the Ottoman-era harem as an educational center that prepared women for life, the latest in a string of controversial remarks by Turkish dignitaries on women’s roles.

At a speech delivered during a meeting on the mothers of Ottoman rulers, Emine Erdogan, wife of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that contrary to western perceptions, the harems were schools and educational establishments for women and places from where they organized their charity work.

Her words were reported in several newspapers on Thursday.

Erdogan himself has upset women’s right advocates by saying that men and women are not equal and that a woman’s primary role is motherhood.

A former deputy prime minister caused a storm in 2014 by declaring that women should not laugh aloud in public.

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  1. Please say it ain’t so!

    When I read such utterances I sometimes wonder f I am living in a virtual existence and it can’t be real. Sadly here is the evidence that it is real and ever present.

    Not laugh aloud in public? What next don’t breath in too much air!
    Well, we will laugh loud, we will speak even louder and our voices will be heard. And we will occupy as much space as we are rightfully entitled to!

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