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Blame Game Ensues Over 20 Schoolgirls’ Pregnancies

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Saturday, March 12th, 2016
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The deputy principal of a secondary school in Mount Elgon County has raised the alarm after 20 girls were recently found be pregnant.

This was established after the school administration subjected the girls to a routine pregnancy test.

Mr David Emachar said the test was conducted when the students of Chelebei Secondary School, Chepyuk, returned after their mid-term break.

The deputy headteacher said the pregnancy test was always carried out at the beginning of a new term or after mid-term breaks.

“We were shocked when the tests revealed that 20 of our students are pregnant,” said Mr Emachar.

He said the staff had regular counselling sessions with the students and warned them against engaging in sex.

Mr Emachar accused parents of not being supportive of the school’s efforts to instil discipline in the girls, saying that most of them do not closely monitor the movements of their children.

“We have tried our best through various guidance and counselling sessions. It is unfortunate that some of our students are pregnant. We urge the parents support our efforts by keeping an eye on their children,” he added.

He a parent blamed the school leadership saying it should have been more strict in its monitoring of students, adding that most of the parents were too busy fending for their families to pay particular attention to their daughters.

“We try our best to be strict with the children. If the staff did their part, we would not have these kinds of problems,” he said.

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