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Egypt’s first convicted FGM doctor Fadl loses licence

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2016
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Suhair al-Bataa died after ungerdoing surgery
Suhair al-Bataa died after ungerdoing surgery

We reported on Raslan Fadl. He was Egypt’s first doctor to be convicted of performing FGM. In Egypt FGM was officially banned in 2008, but it is still widespread.

13-year-old Suhai al-Bataa died after an illegal FGM procedure, forced on her by her father. The doctor, who did it, Raslan Fadl, was sentenced to two years in prison.

But recent reports said Fadl had not been jailed and was still practicing.
Now a court has finally revoked his licence, BBC reports.

But is this enough to stop him and other doctors from performing FGM on girls and threaten their lives?

At least the Egyptian health ministry has set up an initiative, called “Doctors against FGM”, aimed at encouraging all medical professionals to stop the practice.

Small steps in the right direction!

We demand laws without loopholes and a strict enforcement.

FGM is a crime against human rights and has to be punished!


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