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Soapies Generations, Muvhango in HOT SOUP over witchcraft storylines

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Monday, February 29th, 2016
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SABC’s top soapies have raised the ire of the Traditional Healers Organisation for incorporating plots which involve witchcraft and the display of local sangoma regalia.

On Generations: The Legacy, viewers are getting insight into the use of intense witchcraft.

The latest plot sees the character of Tshidi, played by Latoya Makhene enlist the help of a sangoma. Tshidi is desperate to succeed professionally and to protect herself and her family from bad luck and the supposed evil schemes of others against her.

She then visits a witch doctor with her husband and she is bathed in herbs and blood and given a snake called Mamlambo to keep in her house. The snake will apparently protect her and will be a weapon against her enemies as long as she feeds and listens to it.

On Muvhango, a storyline featuring a zombie is currently underway. The drama regularly showcases witchcraft with a resident witchdoctor appearing in most of its scenes.

According to The Sowetan, the Traditional Healers Organisation has complained that Generations and Muvhango have showcased African spirituality in a derogatory manner.

Phepsile Maseko, national coordinator of THO said: “In both scenarios, sangoma regalia is used. This is distasteful and disrespectful to African practise and an outright human rights injustice. Maseko added that the plots in the dramas were misleading and a distinction between healing and witchcraft was not made.

Generations viewers expressed their thoughts on the soapie’s Facebook page.

Noziphiwo Mamthiya Mnanga: Personally I think Generations is on point, its touching on things that do happen in real life, Mamlambo is something we grew up hearing and reading about and now one will get to know the real story behind that snake. Eventually the wrong side of it all will come out and we’ll all learn our lesson, at least that’s how I view Generations.

Zama Patience Mnguni: In my opinion the bar has been raised on generations they thrown in a challenge of a woman having two husbands now its about mamlambo. We grew up hearing about this sort of thing but now we will experience or see first hand on how it actually works we will see it unfolding i must say its interesting big ups to Mfundi.

Denisha Gunass:  totally love generations, its a whole new learning experience,being an indian watching this gives me an outlook on how other cultures deal with real life situations,it teaches us something new each day

Masdan Leshabane: I ddn’t sleep at night I had horrible dreams Hayi not fair, from now on am no longer watching this crap

Mary RyRy Chakanyuka: I’ve always said Generations is in a league of its own. This is real life it’s talking about. Desperation will have you keeping a monster in the house.As Africans we all know this is true.

On Twitter the response was mixed:

Generation tweet

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