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Kpando market women push for MCE’s removal

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Friday, February 19th, 2016
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There is growing tension at Kpando in the Volta Region, as the leadership of the market women in the area, are calling for the removal of the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Delali Avotri-Adinyira.

According to the Market Queen, Madam Sena Howusu, “it is just impossible to work with the MCE because she is petty and vindictive.”

The women say the MCE has succeeded in creating division amongst all known groups who previously worked together to support the former MCE, Francis Ganyaglo to increase the votes for the NDC in the 2012 elections.

Currently, according to the Market Queen, market women do not have a representative at the Kpando Municipal Assembly because the MCE says she does not  like the person they chose to represent them.

They also alleged that the Assembly has no representative from persons living with disabilities and the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU).

In 2012, the Kpando Municipal Assembly under the leadership of Francis Ganyaglo now the deputy Volta Regional Minister, approved a budget of GHC 348.469.00 as its share of the 2010 DDF (District Development Fund).

The components were:

  1. Investment GHC 301.002.00
  2. Training GHC 47.467.00

The executive committee proposed that the investment component of the fund be used for the following projects which the general assembly approved.

  1. Kpando Market Rehabilitation
  • Building of a Warehouse (25 No)
  • Paving and Construction of drains
  1. Construction of Gbefi Police Post

These projects according to the Market Quee, who was a member of the Assembly, were not done due to the campaign and elections in 2012.

She said the MCE has suspended the projects including the market rehabilitation. She however says that following pressure from the market women, the Assembly constructed 10 stores in the market instead of 25.

She claims that after the construction of the 10 instead of 25 stores, the MCE allocated the stores without any consultations with the leadership of the market women.

The women are thus threatening to vote skirt and blouse in the up-coming elections if the President refuses to remove the DCE from office.

“We have written to the President, copied the Regional Minister and the Chief of Staff several times on this issue but to no avail. We plead with the powers that be, not to try our patience in this matter. We have the numbers and we can cause a major stir if nobody listens to us. We warn that if they take us for granted now we will take them for granted come November 7,” she warned.

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