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It is time for action, not just words

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Thursday, February 11th, 2016
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Hello Everyone,
Let me first congratulate our dynamic sister, Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi and her team for the birth of this platform.It is very apt and of immense value for the women and men who believe in our ability and capacity to make the world a better place to live.


We look around our immediate environment today and we see challenges of different forms and of different levels.We complain,we criticize,we moan,we murmur.However,this does not change the situations nor proffer solutions.I decided not to join the group of complainers but be part of problem solvers.Thus,l took the bold step of establishing the Sarah Adebisi Sosan Foundation  in October 2015 to reach out to my immediate environment of birthplace,a riverine rural area with poor living and low economic lifestyles in the first instance and extend to a national level as the foundation grows.
The Foundation’s major goals are changing the circumstances of women,girl child and youths through workshops,empowerment programs,access to healthy living and improved economic lives.The girl child who will gain facilities through the foundation will receive  independent life skills,education and knowledge to be  confident and a woman of worth in the society.Scholarship opportunities will be extended to youth from very humble circumstances as well.


Various activities  such as youth empowerment workshop,women enlightenment programs and health missions into the  riverine communities have been carried out over the last three months. The formal launch of the Foundation will take sometime soon.


Meanwhile,we will continue to embark on life changing programs for these communities.
Dear sisters,let us thank God for who we are and what we are today.Let us sacrifice some comfort to be the light and problem  solvers in our little space.Let us support an individual today if we are not involved in such acts yet.Let us make that sacrifice.This will be a legacy we will be remembered for and not our beauty or fashion sense. My prayer is that my new love will grow to a phenomenal level to impact humanity.


Sarah Adebisi Sosan (OFR), born into a royal family, is an education specialist, entrepreneur and community leader. She served as Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria, May 2007-May2011.

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