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Have You Read – The Most Googled Products in The World?

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Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016
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Apparently some time early last year the cost estimating web site created a world map of showing what different nations were most searching the cost.

The results are interesting.

Nigerians most frequently search for cost of weddings. No surprises there. Till you see the other countries that search for weddings. Greece, Malta Seychelles and *drum roll* Pakistan!

Greece, Malta and Seychelles are obviously amazing destinations for a dream wedding but I don’t think Nigeria and Pakistan are googling cost of weddings for the same reason.

Nigeria and Pakistan have the distinction of being two of the most patriarchal nations in he world. In other studies over 75% of Nigerian women are married by the age of 24 and only 15% of men in the same age group.

The most frequent search in Russia – my other home and country – was for the cost of flying a MIG! Like the authors said – WTF! Just hold this image in your head a minute; Putin, MIGs and those sexy soldiers in heels in short skirts. Who is the master of image?

vladimir-putin-gun-horizontal-large-gallery        maxresdefault

Wouldn’t be surprised if Putin heard about the map and deliberately had a host of social media experts locked up in a room frantically searching for cost of flying a MIG just to influence the results.

England is worried about the cost of living and Ireland is worried about the cost of dying. I’m not sure which is a better indicator of balance. Guyana, that infamous little country that most of us remember because of that religious nut Jim Jones is also concerned with the cost of death. Seems apt somehow.

Italians are searching for the cost of Ferrari’s and the Germans the cost of BMWs. Of course.

Latvia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, Taiwan, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Brazil are googling the cost of prostitutes. No surprised there except for maybe Austria. Whats that? Since when? Really?

Serbia, Argentina, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Iceland worry about the price of beer. On my bucket list of places to visit already.

I couldn’t help laughing at the countries where camel was the top search. I know. So prejudiced of me. Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Israel and Jordan. And a bit surpassed to see Kuwaiti’s checking the cost of Lamborghini’s although UAE was expected.

Iraqi’s are buying cars. Iranians are checking the price of kidneys? WTF?

Sad sad sad is Syria – top search is for the price of a loaf of bread.

Not in the least bit surprised to see that India’s top search is for the price of cows. If only they revered their women half as much as they revere cows but I was deeply disturbed to see Mauritanians searching for the price of ‘slaves’. WTF!

asoebi45-e1409212480261       asoebi8

Results for Africa were a mixed bag. In the south and in the Horn of Africa cows are the most searched for item. No surprises. Ghanaians are searching the cost of laptops. How progressive. Food doesn’t seen to be an obsession overall and that is a relief. Nice to see that the focus is shifting to building homes.

Then I see that prostitution is categorised as ‘recreation’. WTF!!!


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